Teaching a Providential View of History

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teaching a providential view of history

Teaching a Providential View of History

When teaching a providential view of history, our view of history isn’t that there is a “Christian history” and then “secular history.” All of history is God’s story, it’s His Story. His working with people, places, and events to bring about his Kingdom, rule, and reign.

The main purpose of history is story of God.

Are we teaching the story of man or are we teaching the story of God? What has God done and what is God doing?

This is a Providential View of History.

What is the Big Picture of History?

Teaching a Providential View of History

In every era we need to go back and look at what God was doing. In every era of history God is at work. There’s never been a time when God hasn’t been at work.

This is why we focus on missionary work, the work of the church, etc. But, even in so-called secular history we see God working as the hand of Providence.

History Resources

  • America’s Story by Angela O’Dell (Master Books)
  • World Story by Angela O’Dell (Master Books)
  • Taking the World for Jesus by Kevin Swanson
  • Mystery of History
  • Adams Chart (Master Books)

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