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teaching creation geology | Teaching creation geology to your children is often accompanied by excited cries because rocks are so much fun! #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #CreationGeology Teaching Creation Geology to Your Kids!

Teaching creation geology to your children is often accompanied by excited cries because rocks are so much fun! In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice Gerwitz interviews Patrick Nurre from Northwest Treasures, Geology. The Nurre’s have been longtime friends of Media Angels, Inc. and customers for many years.

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Northwest Treasures, Geology

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Geology is not boring! Teaching geology to your kids should be fun and hands on. The owners of Northwest Treasures, Geology know what that means and for years have paired my unit study Creation Geology: A Study of Fossils, The Flood, and Formations with their rock kits.

    1.  How did you come to be a creationist?
  • Patrick grew up in Montana and it was a fossil and rock gold mind.
  • Loved studying rocks and researching geology, paleontology, rocks, and minerals
  • Convinced that evolution was the answer and Bible was a collection of myths
  • Senior year Patrick became a believer in Jesus — but not sure about “Creation.”
  • Began really reading the Scriptures. One main part of the consequences of the “Flood” story became interesting.
  • The Flood is the turning point of geological earth history — were all laid down by The Flood
  • Geology was a doorway, rocks formation, and identification etc.
  • As a family that was homeschooling was teaching was the “Catechism” of Creation. Kids did not know how to apply that information.
  • Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, etc. They didn’t know how to fit it into Biblical Creation
  • While they believed the “Bible story” they believed the evolutionary perspective.
  • Patrick believed they needed both parts — confidence and experience to interpret landforms as Biblical Creationists
  • Built Geology Kits with the specimens  — over 100 kits available here What does having a creation worldview have to do with geology? Why is it important?2.
    2. What are some of the things that you do to help support this message?
  • Two views of earth history — 4.5 Billion years ago an developed through long ages — evolutionary processes OR the earth was created a short time ago by an Intelligent Being, out of nothing, and the earth was Flooded due to sin.
  • Is it scientific, was it observed, was it recorded, philosophy, consensus — it is passed off as “science fact” but it is not — evolution is a “guess” or a hypothesis
  • The Bible is a historical recorded story. There are things that can be checked against other sources. In contrast with the modern view of earth history – uses a framework of what is seen today and projected into the past. Much about modern geology is not science at all — it is guesses or predictions.
    3. So how would you suggest we teach creation geology to our kids?
  • Two big of a subject to tackle in one grade or another. Cover it in smaller chunks more often.
  • Patrick has authored books on teaching creation geology
  • Children need to learn a Christian worldview and the Scriptures
  • Field experience — hands-on
  • This is not an academic subject. Schools treat “earth science” as another academic subject. It is a world-view in Patrick’s opinion.
  • Genesis 7:11 — one of the most significant Scripture that deals with geology.
  • Geology for Kids – 4-8 a lab book accompanies it — kids need to study the samples.
  • Confidence that the children can develop through the years.
    4. What are some of the things that you do to help support this message?
  • Patrick teaches various field trips in various location.
  • Patrick speaks at various homeschool conferences and works with parents to build a worldview
  • Textbooks that teach in a clear as possible – visit NorthwestRockandFossil.com 
    5. Yellowstone National Park is important to you as you teach families. Share more information about this.
  • Yellowstone is our Nation’s first National Park
  • It serves as the model and icon of evolutionary geology.
  • It is a lab to study the Biblical historical framework of earth history
  • It changes people’s lives and perspectives on the Bible and geology.
  • Dinosaur Dig: Eastern Montana — to look for dinosaur bones!

Last thoughts;

  1. Spend time in Genesis, especially the first 11 chapters of the Bible. Master those Scriptures.
  2. Hands-on learning is best! Spend time in the field.


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