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teaching-kids-to-thinkTeaching Kids To Think with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast 152

Teaching Kids To Think and Make Good Decisions… 

Teaching kids to think can be one of the easiest or hardest things you ever do, this topic is one I care passionately about. In this episode, I deal with laying a foundation and ways to encourage your kids to think all the time! There’s more… can you help your kids learn to make good decisions? Can you help your kids think? Yes, you can!

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Show Notes – Teaching Kids to Think

Teaching kids to think for themselves is my pet peeve… one year in teaching a class at church I was astounded to find that the students could not give me answers to questions about their thoughts about God – they wanted to know if it was the correct answer… seriously! How do you raise kids that think? Can you teach kids to think? I say, yes – and here are the main points I make in this podcast on Vintage Homeschool Moms.

Teaching Kids to THINK by…

  1. Giving them a good foundation
  2. Teach them the definition of worldview
  3. Give them colored glasses – different colors if you can find them – discuss
  4. Read good books as a family – read aloud – and discuss
  5. Fill minds with GOOD – garbage in garbage out
  6. Explain consequences – school of thought of “formation” and understanding
  7. Give them time to think
  8. Have good discussions – family discussions
  9. Discuss – good – better – best – God’s version
  10. Understanding choices


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