Teaching Subjects You Don’t Know

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Teaching Subjects You Don’t Know | Feeling unqualified to teach your children is normal, especially when faced with a topic or subject you never learned or forgot from your own school days. In this episode, Crystal shares three tips for teaching subjects you don’t know | #militaryhomeschoolmom#militarymoms #homeschooling #TipsHomeschooling #FosteringResiliencewithMorganFarr #FosteringResilience #TeachingSubjectsYouDon’tKnow #TeachingSubjectsTeaching Subjects You Don’t Know

S2, E8 –  Feeling unqualified to teach your kids? Don’t worry, it’s normal! If you’re struggling with a subject you’re not familiar with, check out these helpful tips for teaching subjects you don’t know.

Have you ever wondered if you are genuinely qualified to teach your children? Especially when faced with teaching subject matter that you don’t know. It’s completely normal to question your abilities, even if you have a degree in education. So, what can you do when what your children are learning is outside your expertise? What if you just don’t know what you’re doing?

There is no possible way to know everything you will ever teach your children prior to actually teaching them. You are not a human encyclopedia. Even the best teachers don’t know everything. We all have experiences that master different skills. Like, you may be a whiz at math yet have a child who struggles in that area but is totally into literature or science. What a wonderful thing to have a family that is multi-passionate. One that pursues knowledge in a multitude of subjects. But what a challenge, too.

On this episode, let’s talk about what to do when that happens and how to teach what you do not know.

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