Using Story To Teach Kids Truth

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Teach Truth | Are you ready to teach truth? Join as as we explore the topic. | #homeschoolpodcast #podcast #teachtruth #ElizabethUrbanowicz #MelanieWilson #homeschoolsanityTeach Truth ~ with Dr. Melanie Wilson and Elizabeth Urbanowicz 

Are you ready to teach truth? Join as as we explore the topic.

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Hey, homeschoolers! Any time a teacher uses a story to teach children, I am all for it. Stories are not only the most enjoyable way to learn something but the most powerful.

When former guest Elizabeth Urbanowicz told me she had created a picture book to help children discern what truth is, I asked her to join me on the podcast again. In a culture obsessed with identifying misinformation, we want to equip our kids to separate truth from falsehood, using a Christian worldview.

Elizabeth has such a beautiful spirit. I know you’ll appreciate hearing her teaching tips.

Get your copy of What Is Truth here:

Episode Summary

Elizabeth discusses her ministry updates and the release of a children’s book on truth. The conversation explores the difficulty of defining truth and the impact of the Fall on our perception of truth. Elizabeth provides insights on teaching children a biblical definition of truth and shares the motivation behind creating a children’s picture book.

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