Teamwork: Clarifying Your Purpose

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To create great teams we must clarify our purpose.  Tune in to this week's Soft Skills 101 podcast for tips on clarifying your team purpose.To create great teams we must clarify our purpose.

Bible Verse:

Quote: “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Michael Jordan

 Details of Show:

Clarify your purpose

Vision –the state of begin able to see the long view

Misson- the outcome or assignment

Meaning- the art of experience

Each of our lives is a small part of a bigger story that plays a part in God’s ultimate story..

Defining Goals, Roles and Expectations on a team- sorting out task ownership.

We can play man-to-man on our teams or we can play zones, which is much more effective.

Use the 5 Common Topics to understand Roles, Goals and Expectations



Resources- Books/Movies/Articles/You-Tubes/Podcasts

Apollo 13

Galaxy Quest

5 Common Topics ebook 


True North Classes

Writing Club 

Jr. High Writing Club 

Art Club 

Speech Club 

Debate Club 


True North Blog posts


Whose ever heard of the 5 Common Topics:

Using Teamwork in your homeschool

Build teamwork by camping

Speak Your Mind



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