Techie Teen Brandon: Drone videography

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Techie Teen Brandon: Drone Videography

141: Techie Teen Brandon: Drone Videography

In this episode, Brandon Duty explains how he got into drone videography, and what he hopes to do with this skill.

These are the questions Brandon answers – listen to the episode to hear his full response, but the links and specific tools he mentions are included below.

1. What are your interests outside of tech?

2. What got you interested in video creation and editing? And drones?

3. What drone do you have? And what editing software do you use? DGI Mapic air?
Drone: DJI Mavic drone Software: Final Cut Pro

4. What classes have you done to improve your skills?

  • UAS/Drone Remote Pilot Test Prep for Part 107 (learning aerospace, regulation, the science of flight, airport operations, radio communications, charts, and weather theory)
  • Drone Video for Real Estate Masterclass (learning cinematic maneuvers and how to engage with clients)
  • The Complete Drone Business Course – 5 courses in 1 (learning how to create and market a business)
  • Davinci Resolve 2021 – The Complete Video Editing Course (learning to edit with a certain application, I recommend this application only to those who don’t want to spend money on editing software)

5. What are you planning to do with all this knowledge?

6. Where can we find you online?
Brandon Duty Personal account (for travel videos and drum videos)
Clarity Videography account (for future business videos)

7. What advice do you have for a teen who wants to learn to use a drone?

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Techie Teen Brandon: Drone Videography

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