Techie teen Eli: Game creation

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Techie Teen Eli Game creation

137: Techie Teen Eli: Game Creation

My guest is Eli Fergusson and in this episode, he talks about video game creation without using coding.

The websites Eli mentions:

During the episode, Eli responds to these questions. Be sure to listen to the episode to hear his answers.

1. What are your interests outside of tech?

2. When did you start creating games?

3. Explain RPG Maker. Where can you buy it? How much does it cost? How did you learn to use it?

4. What have you learned from creating video games?

4. What games have you created?

5. What are your future plans?

6. What advice do you have for a teen who would like to learn to create games with RPG Maker?

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Techie Teen Eli: game creation

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