Techie Teen Jake: Cybersecurity

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Techie Teen Jake: Cybersecurity

135: Techie teen Jake: Cybersecurity

Our summer series of interviews with techie teens kicks off as I interview Jake Stough. Here are brief notes and links to things he mentions, but you need to listen to hear him explain what he has done.

1. What are your interests outside of tech?

2. When did you start coding? What language did you learn first?
Age 11 – learned Lua from Roblox –

3. What other languages have you learned? How did you learn them?
Starting modding for several games in C++
Other languages: Python, Java, Javascript, C#, HTML, CSS, node.js
Learning Resource: Freecodecamp

4. Any cool projects you have done with coding?
Game creation

5. How did you get interested in cybersecurity and where did you learn it?
Reading the news and used Cybrary

6. Have you participated in hackathons?
Hackathons are Hacking competitions: – NSA, Georgia Tech, VA tech, Harvard
Another one to look at:

7. What certifications have you done/are you working on?
Data Analytics:

CS Analysts Certificate

Level 1 Security Engineer Certificate:

Expert Level Cyber Security Certificate:

Additional Resources He Used:

8. What advice do you have for a teen who would like to code and learn about cybersecurity?
Keep learning – look for a mentor

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Techie Teen Jake: Cybersecurity

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