Technology and Travel Planning with your children

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Technology and Travel Planning

Episode 31: Technology and Travel Planning with Your Children


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When I was 12 my dad took our family on a 6 week trip around Europe and I was the one he tasked with planning the itinerary. I had no internet to help me and so had to write to the embassies for information. But I learned so much as I planned our vacation.

So I would suggest, that you get your children involved in your travel planning. They will learn to use technology and learn many other life skills too!

1. Use Google Docs to collaborate or Trello
2. Use Google Sheets for budget / actual costs – math – foreign currency
3. Use Rome 2 Rio or Google Maps to find the best travel options to or in destinations
4. If you don’t have unlimited data or going out of the country, download Google maps offline. Here is a video to help you.

5. Use Google Flights or Skyscanner to find best days (Remember some carriers like Southwest aren’t on those) then book on airline site
6. or (free night for every ten you book using them) or Trivago or use Airbnb (Try and book with “superhosts”)
7. Yelp for places to eat
8. For things to do, search “what to do in ??” + “blog” (this will give better results than Tripadvisor) – teaches research skills.
9. Use Google Mymaps to plot it out (refer to episode 28)

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