Teen Podcasters Share Their Journey

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269: Teen Podcasters Share Their Journey

Teen Podcasters Share Their Journey


In this episode, host Meryl van der Merwe interviews Laila Alvarez and Damien Segovia, two homeschooled teen podcasters, who share their experience starting and running their own podcast called “IKR?!”.

Topics Covered:

  • What inspired Laila and Damien to start a podcast
  • The name and focus of their podcast “IKR?!”
  • Number of episodes recorded so far and topics covered
  • Technical aspects – equipment used, editing software, posting to platforms
  • Skills they’ve learned from podcasting
  • Advice for parents/teens interested in starting a podcast
  • How they are marketing their podcast

Key Points:

  • Leila and Damien use clip-on mics and just record on a phone, showing podcasting can be done inexpensively
  • They edit using Spotify’s podcasting platform and are looking to expand to Apple Podcasts
  • Podcasting has improved their conversation skills and discipline
  • Having a podcast can be a valuable experience for college application

Where to find Laila and Damien

  • Check out Leila and Damien’s podcast “IKR?!” currently on Spotify, give it a rating/review
  • You can follow them on Instagram @ikrpod

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