How To Help Teens With Loss

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Hey, homeschoolers! As parents we often feel ill-equipped to talk to others who are grieving. I’ve discussed this in a previous episode that I will link to the in show notes.

When our teens are grieving, we can feel particularly helpless in knowing what to say or do. I’m thankful that my guest, Sarah Arthur, has practical advice for us. Sarah Arthur is a fun-loving speaker and the author of a dozen books for teens and adults, including Once a Queen and the bestselling Walking with Frodo: A Devotional Journey Through The Lord of the Rings. Among other nerdy adventures, she has served as preliminary fiction judge for Christianity Today’s Book Awards, was a founding board member of the annual C. S. Lewis Festival in northern Michigan, and co-directs the Madeleine L’Engle Writing Retreats.

Introduction: In this episode, the host engages in a fascinating conversation with author Sarah Arthur about her upcoming book, “Once a Queen.” The discussion explores the therapeutic aspects of writing and reading fiction, particularly in helping teenagers process grief.

Key Points:

    1. The Power of Writing and Storytelling:
        • Arthur shares personal experiences of using journaling and storytelling to navigate through trauma.
        • Recommends these methods as effective tools for emotional expression and healing.
    1. Encouraging Teens to Write:
        • Discusses creative ways for parents to encourage teens to write, including shared journaling experiences and creative writing sprints.
        • Highlights the importance of providing a creative space for expression.
    1. “Once a Queen” – The Fantasy Novel:
        • Arthur introduces her upcoming book, “Once a Queen,” as a young teen fantasy novel.
        • Draws influences from classic fairy tales, Chronicles of Narnia, and other literary works.
    1. Themes Explored in the Book:
        • Explores themes of family relationships, faith, and the fear of losing childlike wonder as one grows up.
        • Emphasizes the avoidance of explicit content despite being labeled as young adult.
    1. Pre-order Bonuses:
        • Details exciting pre-order bonuses for “Once a Queen,” including digital downloads and a printable journal with creativity prompts.
        • Directs listeners to Sarah Arthur’s website for more information.

Conclusion: The episode concludes with gratitude for the insightful conversation and anticipation for the release of “Once a Queen.” Listeners are encouraged to explore the therapeutic aspects of literature and engage with the upcoming fantasy novel with their families.

Connect with Sarah Arthur:

Book Information:

    • Title: Once a Queen
    • Release Date: January 30th
    • Publisher: Waterbrook

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