Is it Time to Pivot in Your Homeschool?

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This week Lisa Nehring shares that pivoting can keep homeschooling fun and exciting by rejuvenating the way you structure the curriculumTis the season to take stock of the year before, dream about the year ahead and realize maybe you’re a bit off track in some areas. It’s a time when we realize some seasons are over and new ones are about to begin.


It’s no different in homeschooling. It’s seasonal. And what may have worked last year, last month or even last week, just might not work for now or for what’s ahead.


Join True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring as she talks about when it might be a good time to pivot, how to pivot and gives you some pro-tips on pivoting, based on her 30 years of homeschooling experience.


So, we learned to do the homeschool Pivot. Pivoting means to shift to a new strategy.

Pivoting can mean big, overarching changes, or small micro changes. It can apply to one kid, or one subject or everybody.


Goldilocks Principle


your mission

You can switch up science and keep math, or move to a dynamic online writing

Adding in a fun, mid-year class, like Entrepreneurship can supercharge your entire semester- and who knows, it might literally change your students life!

Make time for life skills, if you haven’t already and spend time cleaning, doing laundry, shopping, budgeting or gardening together.

Bring in an expert for additional learning and support. Having your kids learn from a Ph.D in Science or a native, fluent Spanish teacher can change things from ho-hum to shazam!

True North’s Academic Advising and Performance Series test can help you know where you’re starting from and give you a clear, actionable and affordable plan moving forward.


It’s a New Year and that’s always exciting. And as we begin it, I want to give you permission- if you feel like you need it- to pivot!


Resources and Printables from True North Homeschool Academy!




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