The Art of Collaboration: AI-Driven Unit Studies

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AI Driven Unit Studies

236: The Art of Collaboration: AI-Driven Unit Studies

Randi Smith from Peanut Butter Fish Lessons is my guest again and in this episode we demonstrate how you can collaborate with AI to create AI-driven unit studies.

Randi is using Khanmigo and Meryl is using ChatGPT. Be sure to listen to our 3-part series on ChatGPT we recorded a few months ago for more ideas on how to use AI in your homeschool

Also see Randi’s post on Creating a Unit Study with AI for another example of AI-Driven Unit Studies.

Here are some screen shots of the responses we each got as we prompted the AI

Randi’s from Khanmigo

Meryl’s from ChatGPT

Please note: sometimes ChatGPT’s responses were longer than one screen so I just showed you a partial answer.

You can find Randi at

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AI Driven Unit Studies

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