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It’s Felice Gerwitz birthday and we are celebrating! We want to take a moment  this week and wish Felice a Happy Birthday and thank her for all she has done to impact the homeschool world. This radio network is only the beginning! If you don’t know, Felice Gerwitz is a Christian wife, mother, and educator-turned-homeschool-mom in 1986. She began homeschooling as a trial and never looked back as she homeschooled her five children, who are now all grown and finished with their homeschool journey!  In 1994, Felice founded Media Angels in 1994 and has authored several books over the years.  As a former teacher with a degree in Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities and Early Childhood Education, she publishes curriculum with a Biblical Creation focus and many other educational online products that can be found on at Media Angels Membership.  Felice believe the message of Biblical Creation is vital and is convicted that it should be a focus for homeschooled Christian families.

Felice is the host of Vintage Homeschool Moms, the podcast that helps you preserve the best of the past while blessing future generations with the fruit that comes from putting God first. Felice’s topics range from home education, child rearing, enterprising moms , SAHM (Stay at Home Moms), WAHM (Work at Home Moms), and so much more.  Felice also is the host of A Few Minutes with God and Writing and Podcasting Advice on the sister station of this network, the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network.

This week we want to feature Felice’s podcast by sharing with you the top 10 podcasts of all time for Vintage Homeschool Moms. Stay tuned to the end for a special giveaway that you won’t want to miss!

#10 – Let’s Talk About Discipline That Makes Sense And Works with Felice Gerwitz
Podcast #127
What do you do when discipline doesn’t work – or what about discipline methods that are unfair. What about just being your kid’s friend? Yes, there are all kinds of different types of advice about discipline but in this podcast Felice explores discipline that makes sense – and actually works.

#9 – Let’s Talk About the Top 10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Middle to Highschool Student with Felice Gerwitz
So, you think middle schoolers are a handful or what about your highschooler? Are you ready to help them pack to leave home? If you are a homeschool family that isn’t often the case. Yes, homeschooling does not always solve every problem but I believe that homeschooling is the answer for your middle or high school student. As a middle school teacher, I could tell you stories, which I won’t that would convince you! However, it is better to pray, seek God and listen to this podcast as I share some ways to get your kids off to a great start!

#8 – Let’s Talk About Organizing Your Life! Podcast 94
Here we go – let’s tackle the tough topics! What is your family scripture verse? Do you have a life goal? A plan?
“A life without a plan is one that is navigated poorly!” ~ Felice Gerwitz

#7 – Let’s Talk About Homeschool Hacks with Felice Gerwitz
Do you need some shortcuts? Some things that really work in your homeschool? How about while on the road, or with many kids? In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms Felice Gerwitz celebrates the podcast network’s third birthday with some wonderful guests from the network who want to share some exciting tips with you. You’ll learn about ways Melanie Wilson saves time by allowing her children to check their work, and she shares with you the concept of 20%. The Roadschool Moms share their adventurous lifestyle of homeschooling on-the-road, and ways they incorporate group learning and the backpack for on-the-go learning fun.

#6 – Let’s Talk About – Homeschooling After Public School
Transitioning to Homeschool from Public school – Felice gives her best tips to parents who are transitioning their kids from the public school environment to homeschool.  Learn from her experience as an educator and homeschool mom.

#5 –What I Wish I Had Known Before I Began Homeschooling

Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz have years of homeschool experience and in this podcast they share some of the things they wish someone had told them when they started their homeschool journey.  Listen in as they share some much needed information.

#4 – Let’s Talk About Homeschooling 101 Pre-K to Kindergarten
So, you are a homeschooler or you are thinking about homeschooling. Well, welcome to homeschooling 101 – today we are going to delve into the BEST advice for homeschoolers. Don’t get bogged down on the methods such as Charlotte Mason or Classical – Unit Studies, Unschooling or Eclectic. See what fits you and watch our children – and pray – it is amazing what you will learn.

#3 – About….Organize Your Home Before School Begins
Grab your lunch and listen to Meredith and Felice as they discuss getting your home and homeschool year organized before school begins. What you do by way of preparing will go a long way in helping you when the school year begins. Do you know where everything is? If not, now is the time to get it together – join us for helpful hints and tips from two veteran homeschool moms!

#2 – Let’s Talk about Great Ideas to Organize Your HomeSchool
Felice and her daughter Christina discuss scheduling your homeschool year, your curriculum, books as well as how to make changes when curriculum choices don’t work.  Christina (Gerwitz) Moss was homeschooled K-12 and graduated from FGCU with a degree in Communication, and minor in Anthropology. She is married and homeschools her children. She has six children grades 3 and down. She is the co-author of the Truth Seekers Mystery Series.

#1 – Let’s Talk About Living Books Library
Are you interested in collecting living books? Have you wondered how to set up a living books library in your area, or where you can find the nearest one? Michelle Miller is today’s special guest and she shares her years of experience with you. Michelle is a “pioneer” in this area and shares her expertise with you. She has built an extensive library and teaches others how to do this as well.
Information about beginning your own living books library.

These 10 podcasts are only the beginning of the wealth of knowledge shared from a Homeschool Mom who has “been there!”  Find MORE by clicking here to go to the Vintage Homeschool Moms podcast page for all her episodes.

And NOW for the presents!

Let’s give Felice a very Happy Birthday gift by commenting below on this blog post!  Everyone who comments will be entered into a giveaway where one person will be selected to receive the Premium Bundle from Media Angels Membership

ALSO – On June 11th ONLY you can use the code BIRTHDAY60 to get 60% off of the Creation, Premium, or Forever bundle at Media Angels Membership.

For those of you who missed the June 11th deadline, we are extending the discount for the entire week until June 17th – but for 25% off (USE THE CODE BIRTHDAY25)

Felice has worked tirelessly, behind the scenes to bring you this network for free. Join us in making making this a very special birthday.

~Joy Rhodes (Webmaster) and Gina Glenn (Social Media Manager)


  1. Happy Birthday Felice! May God continue to bless you. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing to help inspire all us moms out there.

  2. Elisabeth says

    Thank you for working hard for homeschoolers! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Felicity!

  4. Stepheny Seabolt says

    Happy birthday Felice! Thank you so much for all you pour into our journey as homeschoolers!

  5. Katrina Bagwell says

    Happy Birthday Felice, Hope your day is fun.

  6. Vera Christian says

    Thank you so much, Felice, for your generous heart and ministry for homeschooling families. May the Lord bless you on this very special day. You are a blessing and example to me.

  7. Happy Birthday Felice. Have a fantastic day and God bless you and all you put your hand to.

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Pamela Richardson says

    Happy Birthday Felice, Thank you for being a blessing to the homeschool community.

  10. Happy Birthday Felice! God bless all that you do to encourage and help others. May this year be one of your best yet!

  11. Michelle says

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  12. Happy Blessed Birthday!!!

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  14. Jodi Pursifull says

    Have a truly blessed birthday Felicia! Thank you for using your many incredible talents to further the kingdom of God in encouraging people out here, truly appreciated 💚

  15. Happy Birthday to you Felice, I hope you enjoy your day. Stay blessed.

  16. Happy Birthday to you my dearest Felice, I hope you enjoy your day. Stay blessed.

  17. Have a Blessed Birthday!

  18. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
    Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy birthday! May the Lord lead you this year.

  20. Happy Birthday! May God continue to use your ministry to bless others. Praying this next year will be one filled with the joy of the Lord!

  21. Happy birthday and thank you for the work you do to bless others.

  22. Have a Good One Today! Take a break and do something JUST FOR YOU!! Find some time to just relax too.

  23. Judith Martinez says

    Happy Birthday Felice! Thank you for all of the wonderful resources you’ve brought to the homeschooling community.

  24. Renee Schuhmacher says

    Happy birthday! These vintage podcasts are going to be such a blessing. Can’t wait to dive in. Thank you for sharing them all.

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