Seasonal Replay: The Flu Duo

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Treating the Flu with HomeopathyBecause the Flu Season is upon us, this week we are having a special replay of the Flu Duo Remedies for those who want to use these remedies to prevent the flu.

Join Sue this week as she shares the two homeopathic remedies that she recommends to prevent and treat flu symptoms.  Sue shares her protocol for flu prevention that she starts this time of the year to prevent her family from getting the flu during the winter.

You can also get a handy Flu Duo printable with remedy information at her website by clicking here!


The remedies in this kit may aid to prophylactically keep you and your family influenza free this season.

You can get these remedies on Sue’s store by clicking here.

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Homeopathy for Mommies
Homeopathy for Mommies
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  1. This was soooo helpful. I’ve had the flu for two weeks and I’m definitely going to get these remedies to ward off future viruses. Thank you!

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! Everyone has been sick around us. My co-worker has been sick and has numerous rounds of antibiotics all winter long & one son’s family has had THREE bouts of the flu this year. I went to help during bout #2 because Mommy & baby were sick at the same time. I started my husband and I on the Flu Duo in the fall because my husband’s health was frail. Along with the other remedies I gave him, he is no longer frail and sickly. And we never got a cold or flu this year. Yet, I am still considered to be using snake oil by the “Sickies”. I am praying they will see the light someday & don’t push the issue.

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