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Treating the Flu with HomeopathyJoin Sue this week as she shares the two homeopathic remedies that she recommends to prevent and treat flu symptoms.  Sue shares her protocol for flu prevention that she starts this time of the year to prevent her family from getting the flu during the winter.

You can also get a handy Flu Duo printable with remedy information at her website by clicking here!

Be sure and join Sue later this month for a LIVE study group class.  Get more information about the class by clicking the banner below.



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Homeopathy for Mommies
Homeopathy for Mommies
Sue Meyer

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  1. Thank you Sue! I purchased the kit from you in the Spring. So now I feel the confidence to start the protocol.

    • I didn’t catch which remedy we start with or does it matter. If I heard you correct you said you use it for 1 1/2 months – 2 months duration. Would you not use it for the 6 months of winter?

      • We begin in September to take in alternating fashion Influenzinum and then Bacillinum. You can find the protocol in my Back to School guide in the VIP section of my website. You can take it throughout the winter months.

  2. Can you spell the vasculinum?? I already have influinzinum. I would like to buy the other remedy but do not see it in your store, possibly because I am not spelling it correctly. Have you heard of Thymuline? I’ve also seen recommendation to take thymuline in conjunction with influinzinum. Thymuline is also recommended in conjunction with allergy remedies. We were exposed to mold and have heightened mold sensitivities now. I think the thymuline might be good for us, but would love your input. Thank you!

  3. Heidi Schlemmer says

    I use the Boiorn brand which says that 5 pellets equals 1 dose, but I’ve read that actually 1 pellet is enough for a dose. Do you agree?

  4. Listen to your podcast. Very interesting information, thank you. I miss the part of your other remedy that is similar to Oscillococcinum? I tried to listen numerous times, but somehow… could not get it right. Thanks

  5. Lauren stockman says

    Hi, what remedy did you use to treat post vaccinations?
    Thank you!

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