The Fourth Industrial Revolution and your Homeschool

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279: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and your homeschool

Fourth Industrial Revolution and your Homeschool


This episode discusses how we are living in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution driven by technologies like AI, nanotech, blockchain, Internet of Things, etc.  and how this affects our homeschool

The 4th Industrial Revolution started around 2011 and is characterized by AI, IoT, nanotech becoming mainstream and integrated into daily life, even if we don’t realize it (Netflix recommendations, Siri/Alexa, etc.) You can find interesting blog posts about it on the World Economic Forum

The recent release of ChatGPT has brought AI technology into the forefront. Some ways to use AI in your homeschool

  • for personalized learning
  • differentiating reading levels,
  • creating custom videos/slideshows
  • explaining concepts via analogies

Prevent an over-reliance on AI:

  • Teach critical thinking so kids don’t just turn to AI for everything
  • Ensure they build core knowledge in subjects, not just turn to AI
  • Model responsible AI usage and discuss ethics around it
  • Be aware of risks like bias, misinformation in training data
  • Don’t let kids treat AI chatbots as real friends who give advice

Potential AI benefits discussed include medical advancements through rapid data analysis, communication aids like sign language-to-speech, etc. But risks like deepfakes, cheating in classes, and losing core skills are covered as well.

Meryl recommends talking about when AI use is okay vs. cheating, establishing a family “secret word” to verify identity, and never naming AI chatbots with human names

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