The Gift of Encouragement with Brenda Garcia

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The gift of encouragement with Brenda Garcia.This week on the show we are talking with Brenda Garcia about developing the gift of encouragement!

Romans 12:8, NLT: “If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging.”

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Brenda Garcia is joining us to today to talk about the spiritual gift of encouragement.

Romans 12:8, NLT: “If your gift is to encourage others, be about the gift of encouragement.

Ask God for this spiritual gift.

As we homeschool, we often need to evaluate or asses our kids progress. Remember to use assessment or testing as a tool, an opportunity for growth, rather than a definition of the person.


Encourage yourself:

  1. Learn from failures –
  2. Learn from successes- which are often just a result of evaluating and learning from you failures. What an amazing teacher failure is!


“The fast you fail, the quicker you can succeed!” Brenda Garcia


Reframe the trials and failures:

Experiences are not so important because of the stories, but because of the lessons!


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