The Healing Power of Homeopathy: A Conversation with Sue’s Mentor, Barbara Lowry, DSH, CCH (Part 1)

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The Healing Power of Homeopathy: A Conversation with Sue's Mentor, Barbara Lowry, DSH, CCH (Part 1)In this week’s episode, Sue Meyer sat down with Barbara Lowry, DSH, CCH, a seasoned homeopath and mentor whose wisdom has been instrumental in her own journey into homeopathy.

Barbara’s foray into homeopathy was born out of a mother’s desperation to find relief for her son’s chronic ear infections. When conventional treatments offered no respite, homeopathy emerged as a beacon of hope. Barbara’s story is a testament to the power of this alternative medicine to provide individualized care, resonating with the unique vibrational needs of each patient. It’s a reminder that behind every remedy is a narrative of healing and understanding. We hope you enjoy this episode with our special guest!


Barbara’s journey into homeopathy (00:02:01)
Barbara’s decision to attend homeopathy school (00:05:51)
Development of the sensation method (00:16:38)
Diverse approaches in homeopathy (00:19:07)
Adaptations in homeopathy (00:20:38)
Continuous learning in homeopathy (00:24:25)
Meditative proving in homeopathy (00:26:59)
Addressing specific health issues (00:29:44)
Homeopathy and sleep issues (00:31:20)
Controversy of marijuana legalization (00:33:51)
The Journey into Homeopathy (00:35:18)


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