The Importance of Developing Strong Communication and Leadership Skills in Children

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Episode #20 –  In today’s culture, it’s as important as ever to develop good communication and strong leadership skills in our children. The mission of the Institute for Cultural Communicators is to help ordinary students become extraordinary leaders. Special guest, Julie Rambo, herself a homeschooling mom, shares about ICC and how homeschoolers, too, can cultivate these skills as part of our home education program.

Special guest, Julie Rambo, was unable to read by the time she reached fifth grade, so her mom began homeschooling her back in the 90s. Now a mother herself, Julie home educates her four children, ages 16, 14, 11, and 9. Seven years ago, she and her family became a part of the Institute for Cultural Communicators, where they help run and participate in a weekly chapter meeting that provides irresistible mentoring for students and adults and teaches them the basics of communication. The mission of ICC is to help ordinary students become extraordinary leaders.

Julie Rambo shares about how Institute for Cultural Communicators help ordinary students become extraordinary leaders. A part of the Institute for Cultural Communicators is the Communicators Christ Conference. Since 1998, Communicators Christ has been serving students and adults through communication education, from sharing what they believe to collaborating with a team and beyond. CFC is an interactive learning space where students practice becoming influential with their voice in their communities. A three-day online conference- interactive, fun, and high energy. Julie says that it’s like “nothing that you’ve experienced because it’s run by young adults.” Julie also explains the Five Competencies, which are: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and cultural intelligence.

Tune in to find out how homeschoolers can get connected with the Institute for Cultural Communicators and attend the Communicators Christ Conference, in-person or online!

Julie Rambo is an artist, gardener, lover of Jesus, and homeschool graduate. Julie believes teens should be challenged to step out of their comfort zone. At 17, she became the director of a children’s ministry running 12-week Bible camps with teams from across the Eastern United States. She attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to study Communication Design, with an emphasis in Illustration. Her dream is to create art that shares a story. Julie lives in South Carolina with her husband and their four children. As a Chapter Sponsor and Student Leader Liaison for Institute for Cultural Communicators, Julie wants to influence today’s culture by discipling the next Christian generation. Julie has been a successful leader – fundraising for her chapter, helping grow leaders and resources, and building influence in her community. 


CFC 2022 (

Institute for Cultural Communicators ( Their free Readiness Assessment provides you with a custom report to determine how to start empowering your student. (click on Take Free Assessment).

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