The Importance of Foreign Language as a Life Skill

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The Importance of Foreign Language as a Life Skill

The Importance of Foreign Language as a Life Skill

In our increasingly global world, the ability to communicate cross culturally is going to be more important that ever before! Listen in as True North Homeschool Academy’s Spanish Instructor, Sra. Catalina Garcia explains why and how, by becoming bilingual, your student will have more opportunities than ever before!

Interested in becoming multi-lingual?  True North Homeschool Academy offers Spanish , Chinese  Hebrew, LatinGerman, ASL and French . True North Homeschool Academy. Classes are taught by exceptional teachers from across the U.S, Mexico, Italy and Israel who are fluent polyglots. Culture studies and inspiration included!

Foreign Language Resources:

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Join us this spring for our Foreign Language Exploration class! In this 15 week class, students will learn some fundamentals of Latin, Spanish, German, ASL, Hebrew, French and Chinese.

Resources and Printables from True North Homeschool Academy!


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