The Importance of Leadership with NCFCA Executive Director, Kim Cromer

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The Importance of Leadership with NCFCA's Executive Director, Kim Cromer on the Soft Skills 101 PodcastKim Cromer is the Executive Director of the NCFCA, the 3rd largest Speech and Debate Club in the United States, made up primarily of homeschoolers. As the Director of NCFCA, Kim takes seriously the goal to train up winsome communicators who can lead others well.

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How does Speech and Debate teach leadership skills?

  1. Students must articulate goals
  2. Clarify objectives
  3. Understand how to welcome people
  4. Develop relationships
  5. Give opinions and have conversations with people who don’t believe in what they believe in -develop the ability to participate in civil discourse!

Why is leadership important? Because of the great commission!

We are all called to Go and Tell!

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