The Internet In Real Life – HIRL Episode 28

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HIRL_Episode028What are the best tools for technology in your homeschool? Has the internet become any safer for your kids to surf? What precautions should you take to guard your kids from life online?

On this episode of Homeschooling In Real Life, Fletch and Kendra sit down with John Wilkerson from The Wired Homeschool Podcast and Blog to talk about the internet in real life.

John provides a current update and advice about how to use the internet and technology in your home. Fletch and Kendra share their own top-ten uses of technology in their homeschool. Finally, we hear from all of our listeners as they provide shoutouts from around the world to their spouses!

Episode Timeline
John Wilkerson, Part 1
12:10 Fletch and Kendra Top Ten Technology Tools
24:28 John Wilkerson, Part 2
39:55 HIRLer Shoutouts


Join Fletch (from theMangoTimes) and Kendra (from Preschoolers and Peace) for the HomeschoolingIRL podcast every two weeks as they interview guests and talk through some of the goofiness they have experienced in nearly two decades of Homeschooling In Real Life.


  1. Google–totally our daughter’s favorite research tool. She has learned more from that resource. She’s a curious person and it took so much of the “teaching” off of me.

    I remember always having to carry change with me too. Cellular technology is amazing. When our boys go out on their bikes, they HAVE to take a phone with them. Still looking into a “burner” or pay-as-you go phone rather than using my smartphone.

    I’m trying Evernote….honestly haven’t played with it enough.

    My 13 year old needed to fix his bike the other day. Where did he go? YouTube!

    Curriclick! I’ve gotten so much free curriculum, lap books, etc from them

    Kindle…..just trying to figure out how in the world to use it with 5 boys and ONE Kindle.

    In short, I LOVE your list.

  2. Thanks Shannon! Glad our list was helpful! 🙂

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