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the Joy of getting things done blog post by Felice GerwitzThe joy of getting things done! I can see very big changes that have taken place in my life. And it took a very simple commitment on my part and sticking to it! You see, I’m married to a procrastinator who is also a perfectionist. On the other hand, I like to get things done the minute I hear about it, or sooner, and I think perfectionism was one of those gifts the Lord skipped in my life. As long as I have been married, I’ve become more like my husband… and he’s become more like me, not always so concerned about perfectionism.

Now factor into the equation ­homeschooling responsibilities, a business or two, and you will find deadlines regularly missed, meals that would never grace the cover of a magazine, and piles of clothes needing to be folded and put away. That, in a nutshell, epitomized my life –but not anymore.

Five things took me from over the top back to doing the things I enjoy!

Five Things That Restored My Joy

My five things are not brain science. They are effective ways to get out of a rut and into a productive flow that makes you and your family feel so much better and happier. And this didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been implementing these steps in the last nine months but finally realized they were working very well!

How can you go from being overworked, overstressed, and overcommitted? For each person, it will be a little different, but the first is the identification of the culprits. There are some things you can change and others you cannot.

For example, one year, as we ended a great year of homeschooling, my husband asked for help. He asked me to start a home inspection business, set up a company, and schedule time for a whole week’s training class in another town. All this time, he still had a construction business that was thriving.

Typically, this is something I thrive on, creating and doing. However, I was planning my second oldest child’s wedding and caring for three children ages ten, seven, and five!

Unchangeable Commitments That Robbed Me of Joy

At times, some commitments are unchangeable. This can be an elderly parent needing your help, a special needs child (or more), or unavoidable health issues. Yet identification goes a long way – it does help you understand why you are tired, depressed, or just out of sorts, and once you have a finger on the problem, it is easier to make changes.

For me, the first thing I realized was this truth about joy:

There are some things I can change and others I can’t, and it was up to me to change my attitude.

I’m great at throwing self-pity parties. It is self-defeating!  I had to realize I was the main reason I was miserable and overworked and needed to change.

This came about as my health began taking a toll – I finally reached a point where I was not feeling great. I occasionally suffer from migraines, but they were coming about more frequently than ever. And, I also realized I was eating antacids at an alarming rate, and they were not helping.

I don’t do doctors or hospitals – and let me say we have a doctor in the family, extended family, and very good friends in the medical profession that I love dearly as friends! So, going to the doctor wasn’t an option for me. I have dabbled in health and wellness since my mother died in 1999. We keep healthy, eat right, and use natural remedies when necessary. So, it has worked well for us.

I realized much of my illness was stress-related. So it was up to me, through prayer, to begin doing what I preach and listen to that still word from the Lord. I realized I needed an attitude check. The Lord has gifted me with the ability to multi-task. I know I’ve heard those studies where it is not practical. But, as I type this, my daughter, with her restricted license, is driving me home from her softball practice. The radio is on, and I’m typing.

Attitude Adjustment = More Joy

So, back to attitude – mine needed a significant overhaul. I needed to realize that I was the cause of my illness and that something needed to change. So, I decided to make the time to do what I enjoyed.

I made a list – and for those who know me, I detest lists – so yes, desperate times require desperate measures. I made a list of all the things I enjoyed.

My list looked like this:

  1. Coffee and relaxation each morning before I began the day time to wake up.
  2. Prayer time daily – before breakfast.
  3. Time to read good books.
  4. Baking
  5. Relaxing baths.
  6. Time with the family – no computer or cell phone nearby.
  7. Vacation time.
  8. Date night with my husband.

The first thing I want to share with you, which I’m sure you’ll understand immediately, is attitude.

A good attitude and one that is Christ-focused is necessary for anything to change for the better. It’s the key joy.

If you aren’t happy, no one else will be happy –if you pretend to be happy but are not on the inside, that is even worse! For some, just saying no isn’t an option, but look at it this way.

About the Author

Meet Felice Gerwitz: A Devoted Homeschool Mom, Author, Publisher, and Podcast Host

A heartfelt enthusiast for education and faith, Felice Gerwitz has embarked on an incredible journey as a homeschooling mom, guided by her unyielding devotion to the Lord. Alongside her incredible husband and five wonderful children, Felice’s life is a testament to the beauty of balancing family, faith, and personal aspirations.

In 1986, Felice embarked on her homeschooling adventure, a path colored with both triumphs and challenges. Through the years, she has amassed a wealth of experience and wisdom that she eagerly shares with the world. As the founder of Media Angels, Inc., Felice has embraced her role as an educator and stepped into the shoes of an author and publisher. Her creative ventures have enriched her family’s learning journey and inspired countless others to seek alternative educational paths.

You can continue reading her story in her very personal story, One More Child, from Media Angels, Inc.

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