The Possibility of Fluency in Foreign Language for your High-schoolers

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This week Lisa Nehring and Cat Garcia share effective ways to become fluent in a 2nd language

Fluency In Foreign Language

True North Homeschool Academy Director Lisa Nehring is joined by one of True North’s Spanish Instructors, Cat Garcia, as we talk about what it takes to gain fluency in a 2nd language in high school.


  1. Immersion. By far, the fastest and most effective way to gain fluency in a 2nd language is to go where the language is spoken and then determine to only interact in that language.
    1. Small local communities
    2. Books on tapes
    3. Kids movies
    4. Commercials
    5. Listening to the Bible on audio
  2. Making goals and sticking to them-
    1. Finding a solid curriculum
    2. Being intentional about the pronunciation
    3. Fluent teachers -online or in person-  cannot emphasize this enough!
    4. Spending time engaging with the material
    5. Spending time memorizing the vocabulary and forms
    6. Doubling up on a class and a club, as we offer at True North Homeschool Academy

It IS possible to become fluent in a foreign language while in High School, but it takes time, intention and the right tools.


Cat Garcia will be teaching:

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  • 6 week Hispanic Cooking
  • 6 week Elementary Spanish for Beginners!
  • 10 week Spanish CLEP Prep
  • 6 week Spanish Culture Class with Monica Quintanar

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