The Power of Homeschool Routines with FLYLady

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If you desire an organized homeschool, start with simple routines. Don't miss this funny and inspiring interview with the FLYLady!Marla CilleyI am still homeschooling today because Marla Cilley (aka FLYLady) coached me into developing routines. Although I have come such a long way in the 13 years since I’ve been the beneficiary of Marla’s wisdom, I still found myself inspired by my interview with her. If you could use some inspiration to establish simple routines in your housework and homeschooling, you’ll love this episode.

Here are some of the great resources described in the podcast:

Sink Reflections – the book that explains it all

Weekly Home Blessing – Get the house clean 10 minutes at a time

Control Journal Freebies – use these to create a planner that includes your routines

Saving Dinner – homeschooler Leanne Ely’s site to help you get dinner on the table

Cozi  and the I’m FLYing Calendar – find out where FLYLady posts her calendar!

Be sure to read my review of the power of routines and the iPhone app that works perfectly with FLYLady’s approach on Psychowith6.

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  1. Hi Dr Melanie! I followed FlyLady’s link to your page to listen to your podcast, but I can’t see a link to it on this page, nor is that episode on the iTunes page where I looked for it next. Halp?

    PS: Thanks for the super write-up on my HomeRoutines app!

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