The Problem with Perfectionism

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Growing up I did my best to the perfect child. There were some issues in my home growing up and we were taught to put on a good face and not to ever let anyone know what was going on. I’m sure that my parents meant for me to learn the importance of keeping private things private but my little heart didn’t understand that.

As I grew older I noticed that I was rewarded for doing a good job. When I would bring home all As from school my parents would tell me how proud they were of me. When I did everything that I was told I was showered with more praise and love.  However, when I brought home a B or didn’t obey perfectly I was told that I was a disappointment and that I was expected to do better. Now again I’m sure that my parents didn’t mean to harm me with these words. But I internalized the message that I needed to be perfect at all times.

At a young age I started my journey into perfectionism, and it didn’t lead me anywhere positive. Instead it left me broken and miserable. In this episode, I share part of my testimony of becoming a recovering perfectionist. I explore what perfectionism is and the dangers of living life this way.  Join me as I share how I’ve learned to let go of the need for perfection in my life and why it’s so important.

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