The Soft Skills of Flexibility and Adaptability

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Lear how to teach your  kids the soft skills of flexibility and adaptability on the Soft Skills 101 Podcast!  #podcast #homeschoolIntroducing the Soft Skills of Flexibility and Adaptability! These soft skills are more important than ever before in the fast paced, quickly changing, international world our kids will be navigating.

In this show we’ll talk about the importance of strategizing for your children’s future as they launch into adulthood, including taking a look at rising college costs, timeliness of degrees and what that means for the future.

What exactly is flexibility and adaptability? We give you definitions and lists for both!

How do you train and equip your kids to be flexible and adaptable thinkers and learners?

  1. Realize the future of work won’t be about degrees
  2. Play board games and other strategy building activities
  3. Develop a growth mindset
  4. Utilize the scientific method and teach your kids the art of observation!
  5. Develop Courses of Action 
  6. Learn a foreign language
  7. Create Personalize Learning Plans for each of your students. Not sure where to start? We love coming alongside fellow homeschooling parent to help them succeed!
  8. Utilize SMART Goals 
  9. Travel
  10. Commit to GRIT Goals
  11. Don’t repeat yourself 
  12. Control your Cortisol level (Fight or Flight)
  13. Rewire your brain to do Deep Work
  14. Master hard tasks quickly to produce at premium levels.
  15. Focus on core values- Integrity! 

Perplexors (Deductive Reasoning Workbooks)


14 Signs of an Adaptable Person:

Change is the New Normal:

The Student Debt Crisis:


The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria


Triage –determining course of action based on most critical needs.

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Stay tuned for some amazing upcoming guests, included Vicki Tillman of 7 Sisters, Ali Thomas of NiHao, Dr. David Nehring and more!

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