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Thoughts from the Road with the Real Kathy Lee: Father's DayAs Father’s Day approaches, I wanted to take time to celebrate the men that make such a difference in our children’s lives. Since we are at the GHC conference in California, I decided to walk around and chat with some of the men that are here and get their thoughts on Fatherhood. You are going to love what they had to say! Grab the main man in your life and listen to this podcast together. This could even be a fun date night for you guys. Grab some wine and cheese, snuggle up and push play.

On this special episode you are going to hear tips, stories and advice from some pretty amazing men. I enjoyed chatting with, Dennis Denoia with Mr. D Math, Hector Olquin with TalkBox.Mom, Ethan Demme with Math U See, SD and Josiah Smith, with the Green Ember Series, Adam Andrews with The Center for Lit, and Michael Somerville with Tapestry of Grace. I love what these guys had to say. I walked away so encouraged and inspired and believe you will feel the same.

Thank you, dads! You really do make such a difference for your families. You are the ones who lead, guide, encourage and support. I hope you will show your strength and tenderness on a regular basis. I hope you all know that you are appreciated for what you do! Happy Happy Father’s Day! A special thanks for my dad for always encouraging me to chase my dreams. I love dad, 8,2, 1 and a whole bunch!



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