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Time Management | What is the one thing you can't get back? Time. In this episode, we talk about time management for kids and how to learn to take charge of your time. You will be surprised how much time you gain! Another episode just for kids.| #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #justforkids #timemanagement #makingtime #takingbacktime #kidspodcast #kids #lessonsforkids #learnabouttimeTime Management For Kids – Episode 410

What is the one thing you can’t get back? Time. In this episode, we talk about time management for kids and how to learn to take charge of your time. You will be surprised how much time you gain! Another episode just for kids.

Check out this episode just for kids! 

  1. Kids Making Good Decisions.
  2. Choosing Good Behavior
  3. Family Life 

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Are you on time? Always? Sure, it is hard to be on time especially when you think you have lots of time and why should you hurry. Besides everyone will wait for you, right?

Well, surprise! I bet you will get in trouble if you are late or make your family wait. So, today we are going to discuss time. This is time you can never get back.

Punctuality means being early or on time. In fact, some people think if you are on time that means you are late.

What do you think? Do you like being late?

Do you like waiting for other people?
Most people have an opinion on this and I am sure this is something you can talk to your family about, but one thing to think about is this. Punctuality has to do with respect. People who are late show think more highly of their time than the time of others. Does this mean you don’t care? Maybe. But more than likely it means you have not given it any thought because once we think of respect, I am sure you think this is important for all people.

So, the first thing I want you to do is to look at your time. How do you manage your time? Most kids don’t manage their time because they don’t have to. You have parents who tell you when to get up or when it is time to eat. When it is time to do your schoolwork or go to church. We are managed by a family that loves and supports us. But, at some point we need to be responsible for our own time.

Look at what you like to do. If you could have a day that is all yours to plan what would you do? What does your dream day look like? This may be a topic you want to think about. You may include some of these points: sleeping in or getting up early, eating your favorite foods, watching a movie or reading a book, playing with your friends, going to a park, or maybe a trip to the zoo. Your time would be spent on the things you enjoy. So, let’s look at that list and go to a hobby. A hobby is something you like to do in your spare time. How can you fit this in when your day is filled with the things you have to do? That is what time management is all about. You manage your time so that you can fit in some fun things.

But, you might say you are busy with school work and chores and you have not time. Hmm… let’s look at this. What do you do when you are busy with school and chores? Are you doing them well and quickly or are you wasting time? If you look at how you spend your time you will earn that while it may be fun to laugh at your brother or sister, or lose a book and have to spend time finding it, or forget that you have an assignment…in the long run you are only hurting yourself.

So, let’s go through a list:

  1. How do you want to spend your free time?
  2. What can you do to stop wasting time?
  3. What are some things you have to do each day that can be done quicker?

Another surprise is that I am sure your mom or dad will definitely help you to gain more time in your day, because you know what? If you are more productive–that means you get more things done well and quickly, that gives your family more time as well. This means you respect each other, you respect each other’s time and you are happy to get your chores and school work done because you have a goal at the end, and that is spending time doing the things you enjoy!

Good work and good effort is often rewarded. It is rewarded by the knowledge that you did your best and it is practice for the future. I really wish someone had taught me how to manage my time when I was younger. I will have another session on time management for teens upcoming. I am excited about your future because with more time it will allow you to explore things that you are passionate about. Think about all of the amazing inventors such as Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers and Benjamin Franklin to name a few. As kids, they were constantly experimenting and thinking about new ideas and look at what they did as adults. Now is your time and I hope you use it wisely!


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