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The Real Kathy Lee Podcast | To the Mom Who Always Questions Herself, episode replayAre you a mom who always questions herself? Guilt has been on my mind so much this past week. It seems everywhere I turn, women are sharing with me how much they are questioning their every decision and how guilty they feel if someone disagrees with them. Oh, ladies, I want you to live a guilt-free life. Honestly, this has been one of my greatest struggles. I am a recovering people pleaser. TBH (to be honest in cool kid lingo), I still struggle with questioning my decisions and hoping I haven’t hurt someone’s feelings in the process.

Today I share some thoughts on helping us all recognize when we are being held captive by people pleasing and guilt.

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  1. Know Yourself – If you haven’t taken a personality test, you should. There are several different types you can take, you can check out Myers Brigg.  Knowing yourself will help you be confident in your strengths.
  2. Know What Triggers You- Did you struggle with perfectionism as a kid? Did you experience trauma? Did your parents expect certain things from you? Did someone question your every move?
  3. Be true to Yourself and Your Story- What is your plan for your family? Talk openly with your spouse and your small circle of friends.
  4. Don’t write a shitty first draft- As Brene’ Brown says in her book Rising Strong, our brain will create a story when we don’t have answers. Resist doing this. This will often lead to unnecessary guilt.
  5. Know your Love Language- If you are a quality time person, you often feel guilty if you don’t offer quality time. If you are a gifts person, you will sometimes struggle if you don’t think you picked the perfect gift. Be aware of this common transfer of emotion.


I think the bottom line is this, we are all trying to do our best. Let’s offer each other grace. Most importantly, let’s give ourselves grace!

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Route 60: The Biblical Highway

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