Tools for Struggling Learners – Part 1

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Tools for Struggling Learners pt. 1Tools for Struggling Learners – Part 1

Today we are talking with Cindy LaJoy. You might remember Cindy from a previous episode where we talked about the Soft Skills of Work Ethic. Cindy spent the pandemic busy as ever, learning many new videography skills, working on a graduate degree and co-authoring a book. Along with Natalie Vecchio, Blazing New Homeschool Trails: Educating and launching Teens with Developmental Disabilities

Cindy and her husband have adopted 5 kids, now young adults from Eastern Europe and has a fantastic story of hope for other Moms homeschooling non-traditional learners. Her five kids, some of whom were adopted as older children who did not speak English and were illiterate have over 25 diagnosis between them and yet, as young adults, they have gone on to college, entrepreneurship, owning an award winning business and hiring other developmentally challenged adults. Cindy is also the amazing homeschooling Momma behind Blue Collar Homeschooling and the Facebook page and group, Blue Collar Homeschooling.

Cindy has spent the last decade and a half searching out appropriate curriculum, therapies and realistic opportunities for her non-traditional students, as well as helping them develop realistic life skills that have allowed them to not only manage and cope but thrive and become leaders in their own right.

Cindy and her family make their home in Colorado. If you are in the Montrose, Colorado area, stop by their “Best in the Valley” shop, Buckaroos Slices and Scoops, for great pizza, ice-cream and customer service!

In this episode, and the next, we’ll take a look at the what’s available for those who are homeschooling non-traditional learners.

FAFSD Hope Podcast Natalie Vecchio

Cindy LaJoy offers these services and classes through True North Homeschool Academy:

Special Needs and Transcripts

Meet Cindy LaJoy!

Join Cindy and I for Part II of Tools for Struggling Learners – Part 1 next time on Life Skills 101!


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