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Top Skills for College | Welcome back to the "It's Not About Money" podcast, The Money Podcast for intentional parents, featuring hosts Matt and Charla. In this episode, Matt & Charla delve into a crucial topic | #It'sNotAboutMoney #homeschooling #TipsHomeschooling #money #BeyondChores #Kid’sAllowance #AloneNotLonelyNurturingCreativitybyEmbracingBoredom #AloneNotLonely #EmpoweringTeens28EssentialLifeSkillstoStartNow #EmpoweringTeens #28EssentialLifeSkillstoStartNow #LifeSkillstoStart #Episode20 #FinancialReads #TopSkillsforCollege #SkillsforCollegeTop Skills for College


Welcome back to the “It’s Not About Money” podcast, The Money Podcast for intentional parents, featuring hosts Matt and Charla. In this episode, Matt & Charla delve into a crucial topic: “Top Skills for College Success.” Their engaging banter sets the stage for a discussion filled with practical insights and valuable parenting tips.

Introduction to Topic:

Charla shares her inspiration for today’s topic based on her son’s transition to college and the skills he learned. Matt highlights the relevance of the discussion to parents regardless of their children’s age or educational stage. This sets a relatable tone for parents navigating various phases of their children’s growth and development.

Top Skills for College:

The episode unfolds as Charla lists six key skills essential for college success. Each skill is discussed in detail, accompanied by practical examples and anecdotes from their experiences with their own children. This approach not only educates but also resonates with listeners on a personal level.

Personal Responsibility and Self-Care:

Matt and Charla delve deeper into the importance of teaching children personal responsibility and self-care. They emphasize tasks like making appointments and managing personal finances, highlighting Charla’s method of giving her kids debit cards to handle transactions independently. These insights provide actionable strategies for parents to empower their children with vital life skills.

Assertiveness and Experience:

The hosts further explore the significance of assertiveness and experience in a college student’s journey. They discuss how teaching children to be assertive in advocating for themselves fosters confidence and adaptability, crucial traits for success in academic and social settings. Matt’s contributions add valuable perspectives on the role of experience in shaping a student’s capabilities and mindset.

Wrap-up and Resources:

As the episode concludes, Matt and Charla invite listeners to visit Charla’s blog to download the full list of the top skills for college. They encourage questions and engagement through their website, expressing gratitude for the audience’s support and participation in meaningful discussions.


In summary, this episode provides a comprehensive guide for parents on cultivating essential skills in their children for college success and beyond. By combining personal experiences, practical advice, and relatable anecdotes, Matt and Charla deliver a compelling narrative that resonates with parents seeking to empower their children for a successful future.

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