Top Ten Gifts for Full-Time RVing Families

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RV Traveling Gift Guide Show ButtonHeres’s the Roadschool Moms Top Ten Gifts for Full-Time RVing Families
1.  A National Park Pass
No matter what kind of traveler you are, visiting our National Park System is a real treasure. From the Jr. Ranger programs to the on-site historical resources, there are too many benefits to list all! A national park pass will be a gift that an RV family will treasure all year long.
2.  Prepaid Gas Card
The best laid plans can go awry. A prepaid gas card is always a good safety net to have handy in the RV or tow vehicle in case of emergencies. It just might be the link to saving the day in the life of your favorite RV family.
3. Gift Cards for Books/eBooks
There are many out there to choose from. One of our favorites is an Amazon gift card because it is so versatile.  Use it to purchase books or ebooks to such as KT’s “How to Hit the Road” or the all new Journey Journal.
4.  Custom Family Map for the RV
This is a great reflection of an RV family’s life on the road. It’s a great place to record your travels and see your progress.  You can find a beautiful custom map at the Bush Creative Etsy Shop.
5.  GPS
A GPS is another gift that can be used by the whole family. Not only is it a great tool for the dashboard of the RV but if it’s handheld, it can be used for geo caching adventures.
6.  Magformers
Even though everyone in the RV family has pared down their possessions over time, kids are kids! And kids love toys. You can check out the FtF Toy of the Year for past years for more suggestions but know that one of our all time favorites are MAGFORMERS! They are great for kiddos of all ages and just as good for boys as girls. We’re excited to let the cat out of the bag soon with the 2015 FtF Toy of the Year.
7.  Laundry Pack
A collection of essentials for laundry-on-the-road is always a welcome gift! Put together a mesh bag or other space saving container with a few rolls of quarters, Purell laundry sheets or other hypo-allergenic products and a box of Shout color catchers and you have the perfect solution to the laundry dilemma on someone’s list for later. Even RV families with laundry facilities on board their rig can use the services of the laundromat every once in a while.
8.  Craft Supplies
A small crate or other container of craft supplies is another welcome gift aboard the RV. Roadschoolers love arts and crafts! They are always looking for new outlets for expressing themselves so put together some of your favorite supplies and give the gift of creativity this holiday season. (chalk pastels, water colors, beads, gems, let your imagination be your guide)
9.  Inflatable globes/planets
Because space is at a premium, some things are better as inflatables. Globes fall right into that category. There’s nothing like a visual presentation of the country or the world we live in. However, it’s not something that is easily stored. An inflatable globe is a great roadschool tool!
10.  Reciprocal Nationwide Museum/Science Center/Zoo/Aqarium Memberships
Of all the gifts on the list reciprocal memberships such as these really can’t be beat! This gift is the gift of many experiences and memories that last a lifetime.
Let’s talk a little bit about some of our absolute favorite gifts from the Roadschool Moms. These are gifts that can’t be bought. These are gifts that can’t be matched. These are gifts from the heart. This year, consider giving gifts of
1.  Time, it doesn’t have to be a ginormous time commitment. Offer to read a book to another Mom’s kiddos for 30 minutes. Watch someone’s laundry for them while they run an errand. Sit down and spend 20 minutes with a single neighbor that would appreciate the time.
2. Joy, everyone can use a little bit of joy. It can be a favorite coffee, or a plate of cookies, or just a freshly picked bouquet of flowers to send the message.
3. A Compliment, this little token can go a long way. Verbally recognizing someone for their efforts or their commitment to something can make a real difference in their day.
 A Smile, sometimes it can really brighten someone’s day

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