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Top Ten Time Savers | We all need to save time each day, and I have learned the hard way that making the time to get organized needs to become a priority and not an afterthought. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #NoahsArk #TheFlood #Episode524 #TopTenTimeSavers #TopTenWhat are the time savers that can help you each day? How do you implement them in a life that is already overflowing with things to do, and people to see? Every mom has her best-kept secrets on productivity and getting things done, and in this podcast, Felice Gerwitz shares her top ten with you.

Top Ten Time Savers ~ Episode 524

We all need to save time each day, and I have learned the hard way that making the time to get organized needs to become a priority and not an afterthought. This actually came to me at homeschool conferences. And, it was thanks to people like you, who share your hearts with conference speakers, that I was able to reflect on my own life. One of the most enjoyable parts of speaking over the years at the conference was the people I met and how much I learned from all of you. Your insights and experiences have been invaluable in shaping my understanding of productivity. Oftentimes it was to take a closer look at my life and actually get it as together as people seemed to think that I had my life! I mean, to get to speak at a conference, you have to know what you are talking about, right?

Sure. On topics of teaching science, implementing hands-on teaching methods in your homeschool, creating winning science fair projects, writing and publishing books, and wait for it…”Getting Things Done” in your homeschool!

Questions I was typically asked at homeschool conferences:

“How did you have time to write books and homeschool?” My answer? I made the time.

Another asked, “How do you do so much?” My answer? “I do many things, but not all of them well.”

or my favorite, “When I grow up I want to be like you.” (I smiled and thought — is she saying I’m old?)

Time Savers That Help!

Okay, all kidding aside, what are some time savers that help? I have a list that I will share and then explain. The list contains things to help you now with time saving, but really, it goes deeper. It is a matter of training yourself to compete in this world of disorder and distraction and come out on top (or at least in the top ten)!

Top Ten Time Savers:

  1. Saying no.
  2. Putting things in their place. Finding your things a place if they don’t have one. (Keys, books, etc.)
  3. Do it now.
  4. Write it on a mega list. (electronic – Evernote – or Notes on Mac)
  5. Child discipline
  6. Avoid distractions.
  7. No phone conversations/ texts
  8. Errands/ appointments on one day
  9. Shop online
  10. Get refreshed

Number One: Saying No! 

Moms, quit volunteering. I know it is fun, it makes us feel productive, but it is a time suck. Maybe do it for one year, but not consistently. People will take advantage of you, and I learned that it was better to pour the time and effort into my own family rather than work myself to the bone and ignore my husband and kids because I had to prepare 42 cupcakes for co-op and plan a lesson because otherwise it would not get done. There is a season for volunteering, it is not when you have little ones and no energy or time. Harsh? Maybe, but true.

Number Two: Putting Things In Their Place 

How many hours have you spent searching for things? Lost keys, books, toys, papers? Am I right? If you have a place to hang your keys (or leave them in a special pocket in your purse, a file for papers, a notebook for homeschool papers, a homeschool shelf, or a bin for books, it will save you a lifetime of searching.

Number Three: Do It Now

Do you know it takes brain power to put things off for later, especially if you forget, or it weighs upon your mind? I try to do things as soon as possible that need to be completed whenever I can. I have found in over thirty years of being in business that the busiest people I know are the ones who get back to me the fastest. When I asked for recommendations for books I was writing, those who I thought would never do it got back to me within the hour in some cases and one day in another. They’ve taught themselves how to be productive.

Number Four: Mega List

I have mega lists for various things, groceries are one. I take off the things I don’t need and I’m off to the store. My latest is sticky notes near the refrigerator, and I write down what we need to replace when we need it. It saves so much time. I keep lists of my kid’s sizes and now grandkids’ sizes so that when I shop, I have these handy. It is a good practice and one that is helpful. But, where is your list? Some people use Evernote. I like to use the notepad on PCs –they even have tabs (but be sure to save it –two places! or Notes on the Mac.

Number Five: Discipline

How much time do you waste on misbehaving kids? Hours. Kids, many of them, have a hard time understanding cause and effect. Implementing this simple process will help you tremendously and free up time but it takes follow through on your part. Are you ready? Set parameters and keep to it. For example, sit your children down (three and older) and explain to them the consequences of misbehavior. The younger the child the teaching moments will come as the child is misbehaving. For example, leaving the remote control alone. If you do not have it out of reach but do not want children touching it, explain the consequences if they break the rules. It is simple but effective only if you follow through. With teens, my philosophy was to say there was going to be a punishment; however, I had to pray about it and would let them know. It only took one time for them to understand that mom having a bit of time to think about a punishment rather than react was allot worse than reaction. We have many podcasts on the topic of the discipline on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Number Six: Avoid Distractions

What is your number one distractor? For me, it is many things. Often, when I sit down to work, the thoughts of twelve other things I need to do jump into my mind. I either write down the important ones or ignore them and yes, it takes mega discipline to do that. However, avoiding distractions is important to getting things done. I’m not talking about your kids or husband here, but I do know it is those little things that get us sidetracked.

Number Seven: Phone/Texts

When I first started homeschooling, we all purchased answering machines (yes, it was a thing) so that we could avoid picking up the phone in order to focus on our homeschooling. Phone calls were distracting. Now we have texts and while I agree it is way shorter to text than talk, it is still distracting. Put your phone in another room, and if you must, set up a ringer for special people that call so you will know if it is a parent or your spouse.

Number Eight: Errands

I group errands and appointments, if possible, close together and on one day so only a portion of my time is disrupted rather than two or three days a week. I also do some of my errands in geographical locations. Save so much time.

Number Nine: Shop Online

Don’t judge, but I started even doing my grocery shopping on occasion online. One of us picks it up or I have it delivered. When I am in a bind, it is so helpful and saves me money and time.

Number Ten: Refreshed

I realized some years back, after I was physically sick, that I had to take control of my health; otherwise, there might be dire consequences. So many of you have your hands full, and my daughter, with nine children, four teens, and the rest under the age of twelve, is an example of this! If you can ask your relatives for help, or partner with a friend. One of my friends had several she traded off with for babysitting services. She’d watch their kids when needed as well. It was so helpful. Sometimes she’d go to a park to pray and felt she was refreshed after this time alone with the Lord.

If even one of these things is helpful, I’m glad! There are many printable planners on the website you can download that may help! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and please share this episode or podcast with a friend if it has been helpful.

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