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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #143, Travel to Learn Geography, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast NetworkTravel to Learn Geography

In “Travel to Learn Geography,” Episode, #143, Meredith Curtis shares how traveling to other states and countries have taught her so much about their culture, natural resources, farming, businesses,  landforms, and religion. Meredith shares how to start with travel locally, statewide, and beyond your borders. Best of all, Meredith gives practical tips and fun ways to travel right from your family room.




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Show Notes

I love to travel! Trains, cars, planes, boats—even buses. The thrill of adventure gets me every time.

Netherlands: bikes, tall, cheese, read the street signs in Dutch, but not understand a word of English, canals, canal houses, Corrie ten Boom house

Rome: Jail cell of Paul, 3-layers of churches, the art in the Vatican, the magnificence of the Colosseum, that’s where Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

London: Tube, cathedrals, museums, Rosetta Stone, mummies, Gutenberg Bibles, rose gardens, tea at the Orangery

Start Where You Are/Travel Locally

I live in Florida. Smack dab in the center.

Farms (pick-your-own places—chat with owners)


Sunday Drives (Lake Mary, Pembroke Pines, 46 to I-95)


What is in your city?

Travel Statewide

Beaches, Tide Pools, Sand Dunes, Grasses, Life everywhere!

Birds, Alligators, Flowers, Blue Skies

Coral Reefs down in the Keys

Rolling hills in the panhandle

Lake Okeechobee, St. John’s River—Boating, too!

Parks, Forests, Wilderness Areas, Wet Walks, Swamps, Airboats

Cities, Heritage Neighborhoods, Local Museums

St. Augustine, Theme Parks, NASA

What is in Your State?

Across the USA

So much to see!

  • Swamps, Beachs, Farms, Lakes, Rolling hills in the South
  • Chesapeake Bay, Farms, Hills, Famous Cities in the Mid-Atlantic
  • Mountains, History, Famous Cities, Farms, Villages in New England
  • Plains, Great Lakes, Farm Belt, Rust Belt in Midwest
  • Cattle Ranching, Oil Rigs, Rugged Terrain in Southwest
  • Mountains, Arches, Ranches in West
  • Diverse from Arctic to Tropical in the Pacific

Travel to Other Countries

Start with our Territories: US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa

  • Caribbean
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • Oceania (Polynesia in old books)
  • Antartica

Travel from Your Family Room



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Travel Journal

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Travel With “Travel God’s World Series”

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