Treat the Symptoms in Homeopathy, Not the Disease

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Treat the Symptoms in Homeopathy, Not the DiseaseOne of the most common questions I get is whether one should need a diagnosis to use homeopathy when they have symptoms. My advice? 

This is the beauty of homeopathy. It doesn’t just treat diseases; it treats symptoms. It follows the principle of “like cures like,” a concept discovered by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. This principle, beautifully explained in Luc De Schepper‘s book “Hahnemann Revisited,” suggests that a substance causing certain symptoms in healthy individuals can cure the same symptoms in the sick.

To truly understand homeopathy, one must delve into materia medica – books that list homeopathic remedies and their symptoms. I recommend becoming familiar with the keynotes of popular remedies. These keynotes provide a good understanding of each remedy’s unique characteristics.

Take Bryonia, for example. This remedy is often used when someone feels worse for motion, has swollen joints, or is dehydrated. By learning the key points and keywords of each remedy, you can grasp the uniqueness of each remedy’s message, making the overall picture clearer.

When I first started studying homeopathy, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. But I urge you to keep reading and trust that it will eventually sink in.

When choosing a remedy, it’s crucial to look for the area of pain, the sensation of the pain, and any mind symptoms. For instance, patients might describe feeling stuck or unable to progress. It’s fascinating that homeopathic remedies can mirror these exact experiences.

Having a well-stocked pharmacy of homeopathic remedies is essential. Keep your remedies in a safe and dry place, preferably in glass vials, and avoid exposure to strong odors or high temperatures. With proper care, these remedies can be passed down for generations.

In conclusion, I encourage you to treat symptoms, change remedies if necessary, and have your own supply of remedies on hand. Remember, homeopathy treats symptoms, not diseases. So, focus on the symptoms and let the healing begin. 

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