How To Turn COVID-Schooling Into True Homeschooling

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If you are one of millions of parents who has had to supervise your child’s education because of the pandemic, this podcast episode is for you. Or, if you know a COVID-schooler, I hope you will share this episode with them. I have heard from a number of COVID-schoolers in my groups on Facebook. While some of them have embraced true homeschooling, many have been struggling. They try to do their best for their children but cannot wait for schools to get back to normal. This COVID-schooling thing doesn’t work, they think.
Before I share how you can not only make homeschooling work but how it can bring peace and joy to your family, I want to thank my sponsor for this episode: CTC Math.
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True Homeschooling Resources

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I would love to see more women find the joy that is available in true homeschooling. Please share this episode with COVID-schoolers you know. Join me next time as my guest and I discuss financial literacy for kids. Have a happy homeschool week!

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