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LS101 Truth, Goodness and Beauty with Annie FerrellTruth, Beauty and Goodness

Today on the podcast, True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring is talking with True North teacher, Angie Ferrell about Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

These are terms you hear in the homeschooling world a LOT, but what exactly do they mean, and why should we even care about these concepts?

History of Education

Standing on Truth allows us to build a firm foundation and is that from which goodness and beauty flow.

As believers Truth is based on the person of Jesus Christ and the redemptive salvation he offers through acknowledging him as Lord and Savior, as well as the Bible, which is his love letter to humanity.

Goodness is that expression of truth. As believers, we avhe an obligation to fulfill truth and think about God’s definition of things. Goodness is the essential nature of things and utilizing them for the purpose for which they have been created.

Moral imagination allows us to fully understand goodness. Goodness is tied to purpose and our purpose can change through the seasons. Our job might seem small but it is so valuable.

Honor Patronage, Kinship and Purity by David DeSilva

Beauty has to do with physics and the Law of Attraction. Truth attracts, lies seduce.

Beauty gives us a life of purpose and encourages us to serve others, it flows from goodness, which flows from Truth.

Dolly Coat of Many Colors


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