The Truth About Lyme Disease

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the truth about lyme diseaseThe Truth About Lyme Disease with Sue Meyer

Podcast #35

In this episode of Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer discusses the truth – about Lyme Disease and what you can do to protect your family. This is an informative talk that states simply how you can learn to use homeopathic remedies to protect and heal from the disease state.

Show Notes:

  1. Lyme disease – get the facts
  2. Homeopathic remedies and how to use them
  3. Protect and heal
  4. What is the disease state?


















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  1. Hi Sue, I’m just learning about homeopathy through your podcasts and book and I really appreciate all that you offer. This is such an excellent podcast and very needed! I blog about Lyme because my entire family of 6 had suffered with it for a long time. We found a homeopathic doctor who helped us regain our health. I would like to respectively correct your statement that only the tiny deer tick transmits Lyme disease. All ticks carry disease of some sort including viruses and parasites and can transmit to humans. Deer ticks in every stage can carry and transmit Lyme (Borrelia). A new report just recently came out suggesting that even ticks in the larval stage can carry and transmit disease. Also, the only safe way to remove a tick is by using tweezers. Putting anything on it allows the tick time to regurgitate it’s gut load into you. Please see my blog or for correct information about ticks and Lyme. God bless! Tricia

    • Joy Rhodes says

      Hi Tricia! I’m Sue’s assistant, she said to let you know that even though the information in this podcast about Lyme Disease is over a year old and likely has changed over time, the protocols for homeopathy are still going to be the same. She may do an updated show with newer stats in the near future, but these older shows remain on this website for long-term. Thanks for sharing your resources!

  2. This works to get ticks out (AND THE HEAD), it’s easier on people to see, unless it’s in their hair, but take a pair of tweezers, grasp as close to skin as possible, and twist COUNTER CLOCKWISE, keeping your fingers holding on tight, it will twist it out.

    Our dog was just diagnosed with lyme disease II have heard that they never even truly isolated this borellia ‘bacteria’ or spirochete whatever “it” is.
    Now I’m searching for what I can do to get rid of this whatever it is. We all probably have it since we’ve all been bit.
    Having a heard of guineas (at least 25) can help for getting rid of many ticks on your property. I bought “Gardening With Guineas” book when I started raising them years ago. We do not have any guineas now sadly, but we are planning to get them again!

    I do not know everything obviously, but many things are causing problems with our bodies, electro magnetic radiation especially (cell phones, towers, wifi, 2,3,4,5 G, satellites), a “SAD” Diet Standard American Diet, see Weston A Price. org, The book “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg is very eye opening, as are the last few chapters in the book “The Body Electric” By Dr. Robert O Becker.

    Thank you for getting this information out there! I pray I can find a lyme nosode remedy, many people I know have been bitten by ticks. We are using raw garlic to keep the symptoms at bay, and also taking Swedish Bitters, which can help with many things, but I know what you mean about the “not getting over the hump” in regards to complete cure.

    May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you and be a light to you.

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