Special Replay: How To Handle Your Tween Daughter’s Emotions

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Hey, homeschoolers!

This week I am creating a podcast based on a very popular guest post I wrote for LikeMindedMusings.com. Specifically, how to help your tween daughter handle her emotions. I’m looking forward to sharing some tips with you if you have a tween daughter, who also seems to have emotions, if you know what I mean.

But first, I wanted to share two things with you. I am going to be speaking at five Great Homeschool Conventions this year. I am so excited to meet you. I’ll be in Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, California, and Florida. Make sure you get registered at GreatHomeschoolConventions.com so we can chat!

The second thing I wanted to share is that I have begun answering reader questions on my YouTube channel. If you have a  question you’d like me to answer, email me at Psychowith6@gmail.com or message me on social media. I won’t share your name or identifying details, but I can share the information with others who have the same question.


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Resources for Managing Tween Girls’ Emotions

How You Are Changing by Jane Graver

Download Your Free Lesson How to Handle Changing emotions Girls Created to Shine


There are apps like this Period Tracker

Listen to Homeschooling Through Hormones

Have a happy homeschool week!

Special Thanks to Our Network Sponsor – Change is in the Air Movie

This story embraces the imperfections that make us human, offers a way to set ourselves free and asks us all to take a good, long look at the wild birds in the sky.

Watch the trailer here!

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