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jesus-christHis Small Still Voice …Can you hear it?


I’ve been trying to follow God for the greater part of my life. As a child I prayed and I believed. As an adult, I prayed, I believed, and I got discouraged, more times than not. As I progress on this journey the one true constant has been faith. I hope to share with you bits of that faith-journey that led me into the direct path of homeschooling (kicking and screaming). The homeschool journey has put me in the path of so many amazing people. You will meet some of them right here. Now I can’t imagine my life without these incredible people.

When I was praying, trying to hear the small, still voice of the Lord and the direction he wanted me to take after hosting another online series of events for the better part of three years, I had an idea but would it work?

I wanted to bring homeschool families the help they need—via audio files they could download or listen to live… free, but how? This idea began as a small seed and sprouted into what you see before you.

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The Lord is indeed the Good Shepherd! Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Please don’t think I did this alone! The Lord gave me an team of talented people, like the webmaster, Amanda, who created this site from scrawled sheets of site layouts I sent to her; and amazing prayer warriors; my Mastermind team (Kim, Mary Jo, and Maggie); Kim to handle ads; Stephanie graphics and giveaways; and a group of Inspired Blogger moms who had fabulous ideas to share.

The Lord continued to bless me beyond measure by the Show Hosts you see on the drop-down menu on this website– who all said, “Yes!” Not only did they say yes, but they learned strange technology–terms like MPEG, iD3 and teleseminar speak. They learned to edit audio, record on their own, and follow instructions from a person (me) whose personality does not include the word “details.”

Some of these amazing friends are far away and others close by, yet with the wonders of technology, all of them are as close as a computer or phone. These people areΒ  truly gifts from the Lord to me…and, now to you!

I know every one of them, whether from working with them on the webinars I’ve hosted or from their blogs. Some are real-life friends; others are long distance friends. I have listened to their lectures or seminars, read their books, and laughed and cried as we travel life’s course together.

These show hosts are a powerhouse of wisdom and information. They are giving their time and talents to you!

This is my time–my time to lead this group of leaders…to gather them into a wonderful, first ever podcast network just for homeschoolers!

It is my time to be a mentor and to help you in any way that I can. I am always here to listen, to pray and to encourage you. Please know that it is my heart’s desire to see you succeed–not as the world measures success but with the blessings that are priceless, and everlasting.

I’m praying this is a place you will to come often and be refreshed. And, I want to hear from you!

Please tell me in the comments section below what types of show topics you would like to hear.

On behalf of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and all of the show hosts, I welcome you to our station.


Felice Gerwitz


  1. Faith-filled articles that have encouragement and application.

  2. Homeschooling and special needs.

    • Naomi – of course! The Homeschool Sanity show as well as Vintage Homeschool Moms will have these timely topics. Be sure to subscribe to our email sign up to get info on when those are coming.

    • Naomi, our 8th child has a brain injury (4 holes in his brain as the result of a deadly virus caught when he was 7 weeks old). We will definitely be touching on the realities of homeschooling our kids with particular needs.


    • I second this…I have 2 children with autism and there is not enough information or encouragement out their for homeschoolers of special needs kids

  3. Time management, being a Godly mom

    • Katrina, I’ll be talking a lot about time management on the Flourish at Home show. Thanks for your comment!

      • Katrina, I will be discussing a bit about time management in the kitchen & planning ahead for meals, as part of my show that begins in January. Hopefully that will be somewhat of a help to you!

  4. Excited to listen to the first event. Thanks!

  5. I can’t wait for the launch of this site! How awesome Felice! I’d love to hear shows on how to develop our children’s interests. How to encourage them now to develop skills that will be useful for them later.

    • Hi Sheri!! I have to thank the Lord for this idea. We have many shows where those topics will be covered! Stay tuned.

  6. Orilla Crider says

    I would love to see a special needs area. As a mom with one and knowing others that homeschool one or more, we not only have the every day to day struggle but knowing how to face the added stress of each day with the added blessing that God has given to us. I love the setup that you have begun with and look forward to the big kick off!!! πŸ™‚

  7. I would love to hear more about homeschooling multiple children.

  8. This is our first year of high school and so I need lots of info about the logistics of that, plus also how-to’s and encouragement on how to lessen the reins and let her direct herself more, without totally leaving her stranded. Such a tricky, fine line!

    • You’re on the right track, Jennifer, in moving her toward being more self-directed. It’s definitely a challenge! One thing I did as my boys approached high school was to give them a week’s worth of assignments every Monday and let them decide how to break them up each day. This has prepared my first two graduates well for college, as well as teaching them important things like self-discipline and responsibility. Depending on what you’ve done before, you may want to introduce changes gradually, and be sure to check up on her for accountability. I’ll put this on my list of possible show topics for “Flourish At Home.”

  9. Topic-Time management, managing multiple ages, grade levels. This is a constant struggle for me. I am always looking for new ideas to help us find balance.

  10. Laura Temple says

    I love the expos. I’d like to have radio shows with similar content, or interviews.

  11. I think a show with the topic of how to start and organize a co-op would be awesome!

  12. I’d love to hear more things for my kids – like the Harris brothers for our teens, or “Story Time” for our younger ones. Thanks!

  13. A topic I’d love to hear covered in a show: anything about homeschooling high school! My firstborn is in 8th grade, so this topic is on my mind A LOT right now. I look forward to listening in when I can! Thanks!

  14. Thank you for this great resource!

  15. I would like to hear more about time management. And my two are still little, pre-k and kindergarten. I am constantly being pulled by both as neither are really ready for independent study. So ways to better manage that would be helpful. I am new to this homeschooling thing so really, anything you talk about will be beneficial to me! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to this. Many blessings to you as you start this new chapter.

    • Carrie, I love your teachable spirit! I’ll be talking a lot about time management on “Flourish at Home.” I’d encourage you to work with your little ones together on as many subjects as possible–history, science, literature, etc.–even though they’ll need individual instruction in sequential skills like phonics and math. At those ages, reading aloud as a family is one of the best things you can do. Many blessings on your homeschool journey!

  16. I would like to hear about organization, and curriculum development. I would also like to hear from veteran homeschoolers that may not have a support system outside of their husband.

  17. Hi – This is great – first time I heard about it. Topics I would like to listen to on future shows would be inspirational ones such as winning your child’s heart, dealing with heart issues, such as bad attitudes and grumpiness about getting schoolwork done, and encouragement for busy moms in their own spiritual walk with God.

  18. I’d love to hear some beginner topics like how to handle stares and comments when out during school hours with your children. How to deal with family naysayers. How to balance multiple aged children all needing individual support in learning.

  19. High school topics

  20. I have found that His still, small voice sometimes takes a lot of listening on my part. Other times, I feel that He is shouting to me with how I feel. Then other times I know that He is answering my prayers through the words, actions, and deeds of other people. I enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing.

  21. I would love to hear from other chronic ill homeschool mamas and how they handle their daily schedules and what they do if they have a flare and how they basically handle everything with an illness! Awesome network and can’t wait to listen!

  22. I’d love to hear more about extra curricular activites

  23. I would really like to hear how to make Bible lessons interesting for tweens. My girls are hands on learners, and I just can’t find a way to have our lessons in a fun, hands on way, that isn’t preschool level.

  24. I would like to hear more stories about lesser known inventors and explorers.

    • One of my publications (which I am in the process of updating) is a unit study on inventions and inventors. It is a great resource for co-ops and one of my upcoming podcasts will cover this in more detail, so stay tune! Of all the many co-ops in which my children have participated, the one on inventions and inventors was always a favorite!!

  25. I would like to hear ideas on organizing!

  26. I’d love more ideas on getting to the heart of my boys!

  27. I would appreciate hearing about homeschooling through sickness and homeschooling mutliple ages at the same time.

  28. I’m always interested in hearing dad’s perspectives, learning about different styles of homeschooling, and new about new tools and curriculum.

  29. Biblical parenting/discipleship
    Homeschooling special needs kids (ADHD, etc)
    Preparing for high school in the middle school years

  30. I’d like to hear about what curriculum works (ed) for others

  31. Topics about co-op homeschooling groups is something I’m currently interested in.

    • That’s my area of expertise! I’ve been organizing and orchestrating co-ops for over 25 years. My show will begin in October on Wednesday mornings at 10 (but will be archived afterwards). Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want me to cover. I have some wonderful guests lined up for future shows!

  32. I love hearing inspirational stories about homescooling. I would also listen to information about different curriculum from people who have actually used it with their kids not just the sales people.

  33. Stephanie Hillery says

    I would like to hear about homeschooling high school as well as homeschooling kids with special needs.

  34. Time for yourself while still being a great homeschool mom
    homeschooling high schoolers

    • Jodi, I’ll definitely be talking about taking care of yourself on “Flourish at Home.” So important, and so often neglected. Thanks for commenting!

  35. This is a wonderful idea! I could not find where to comment for the giveaway, so I am posting here. I think a topic I would like to see covered is teaching high school and preschool at the same time while staying sane – you know drivers training and potty training πŸ˜‰ LOL Internet safety for our kids. Taking care of Mommy during the homeschool years. Taking care of the marriage relationship during the homeschool years. And, what to do when the day just isn’t going well.

    • Rachel~ These are exactly the things I want to read about too. It’s times like this that I am thankful for the internet, because it helps me to know that somewhere, someone is going through the same stage of life I am. Have a blessed school year!

    • Many of our co-ops have included children from toddler to teen and, with parents working together, this is doable. I loved having all nine of my children together, with me, as we joined others once a week to study together! Of course, at home, the older children’s study was more in depth, but the toddlers were able to join in as well!

  36. Karleen Mauldin says

    As a ‘veteran’ homeschooler of over 17 years, involved in counseling others who are starting to homeschool, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in the homeschool world. It seems in my area, parents seem to need to be trained to train their children! So I think topics on how to train your children for obedience and behavior and manners would be wonderful.

  37. Homeschooling middle school age, learning disabilities

  38. I would like to hear topics about dyslexia.

  39. Karen Kimbro says

    Any topics on science.

  40. I would love to hear about how other moms with middle school kids who hate homeschool motivate their kids and stay sane!

  41. I would love to hear more about homeschooling high school.

  42. I would like to listen to tips on how to organize homeschool and how to handle multi-age teaching. Thanks!

  43. Dawn The JOY Lady says

    Homeschooling different ages and ways to keep the FUN in to ward off “burnout”.

    • Have I got some suggestions for you!! Tune into the “Homeschool Co-op Style” show which will start in October for ideas on making co-ops both fun and functional for students of varying ages!

  44. I would like to hear great ideas to keep things fun. I am afraid I forget that part sometimes.

  45. Topics: Supplementing income while homeschooling; grandparents homeschooling, how does that work and is it.legal? Success stories of former homeschoolers; requirements for various colleges entry, portfolio or transcript? how do you make grade assignments? What makes for a productive field trip; Arts & music, how to keep them affordable for homeschoolers? Alternatives to Scouting for homeschoolers?

    • Great suggestions, Janice! I’ll be talking about home business on “Flourish at Home.”

    • Janice, I’ll cover starting a micro business on the Dollars and Sense show starting October 10 at 1 pm ET. . I could add shows on college, transcripts and being a work at home mom. Thanks for leaving the comment.

  46. Homeschooling kids with special needs.

  47. Sent my eldest off to college at 15 and now my youngest who is currently 15 I cannot figure out where her true passions lie. It is looking like reading/writing, but finding how to cultivate it is much harder with her than it was with my eldest.

  48. Would love some insight into maintaining patience when the kids’ attention spans are waning.

  49. Kim Leachman says

    High school interests, classes, etc.

  50. Marcy Griffin says

    Organizational info

  51. I would love to hear others success stories, and also about homeschooling multiples

  52. I would love to hear advice on keeping my children’s individuality and age appropriateness issues separate. I tend to group all of their consequences and rules together and they range from age 5-12. Thanks for the give-away!

  53. Topics I’d like to see: Homeschooling with multiple learning styles, Time management, large family homeschooling, Encouragement for the Homeschooling Family…

    • Joyce, absolutely – we have several big family Show Hosts … Hal and Melanie Young, Melanie Wilson, Meredith Curtis, Kendra and Andy Fletcher, Israel Wayne and myself (and I “only” have 5 kids!

    • Joyce, I’ll be talking a lot about time management on “Flourish at Home.” It has such a huge impact on everything else we do!

  54. I’m always looking for info on how to transition a special needs “adult” out of high school

    • Bev – I have one of those. He is doing great and is now 32! Please join us often. We will deal with these types of shows. Thanks for visiting.

  55. I’m new to homeschooling this year, I can use all the info I can get πŸ˜‰ Thank you for doing this!

    • Kimmie — you are so welcome …join us often!

    • Kimmie, This next week I will be sharing on homeschooling during the childbearing season, embracing this season {even when mom isn’t feeling good}, and utilizing this season as a time to teach foundational home discipleship truths {sanctity of life, etc}. Of course, since I have six children myself, I will be touching on homeschooling the early years while having babies. Hope you will join us Oct. 8th for the Mommy Jammies Night

  56. Tricia Soderstrom says

    Homeschooling the difficult child – whether just personality or special needs or in my case both (personality and chronic illness).

  57. I would like to hear about Bible studies for tweens also. Most studies I have looked at in the past are for Sunday school classes or are for younger kids. My kids seem to be beyond “Bible Stories” but not ready for the “heavy stuff” yet.

  58. I would like to hear some audio classic books for my kids to enjoy listening to.

  59. Homeschooling special needs and homeschooling while working. Also perhaps something about involving dad in homeschooling.

  60. I would like to hear from homeschoolers with grown children. What worked…what didn’t. What would you have done differently to prepare them for college or the work-force? Which curricula better prepared them? Does a relaxed routine at home hinder their adjustment to a real job schedule…should we start an 8 am- routine at home?

    • Hey Darla! We’ll be talking about topics just like that on the HomeschoolingIRL podcast!

    • Darla, we’ll be talking at length about what has worked and what hasn’t, often having our kids join in the discussion!


    • Darla, my two oldest sons (homeschooled from kindergarten through 12th grade) are in college, so I will be talking about that on “Flourish at Home” as well. Quick encouragement: We have always had a very relaxed routine (never a time-specific schedule), and they’ve transitioned just fine to the demands of early-morning college classes and jobs.

  61. Homeschooling for military families

    • Sierra – we have a couple that will begin a show and they are a military family – Carlie and Mike – with Learning to Speak Life.

  62. Cheryl Baranski says

    Dealing with the headstrong child and dylexia.

  63. I would love to hear the topic of how to write a good transcript for high school students.

  64. Dealing with children who don’t willingly complete their tasks

  65. You’ve blessed me over the years with insight and wisdom that has given me courage to continue my
    adventures both with God and with homeschooling! God Bless You as you move forward in this was as well!

  66. Getting started!

  67. I would love to hear about homeschooling large families and learning difficulties. But I think more importantly I would love to hear Mommy moments, how to refresh ourselves throughout the school year.

    • Noel, love your phrase “Mommy moments”! It’s so important to refresh ourselves so that we can serve our families better without burning out. I’ll be discussing this on the “Flourish at Home” show. Hope you can join us!

  68. Working through the hard times as a team.

  69. I like wholesome interesting stories for my kids.

  70. Encouragment to stay focused on why we homeschool.

  71. Well…..we’ve been home schooling for 21 years and are starting our 22nd and finances have been an issue the past few years. I have considered working part time from home and continuing to home school our two youngest. So working and home schooling would be a topic I need help with at the moment. Thank you!

    • Sharon, combining work and homeschool seems to be a growing trend, and it’s one of my favorite topics. I’ll be talking about it on “Flourish at Home.” Quick encouragement: A lot of the people who write homeschool curriculum are combining work and homeschooling, and it works very well!

  72. What curriculums are best for combining grades? I have a 6th, 4th and 2nd grader and find myself overwhelmed sometimes with ding all subjects for all of them. Mostly history and science.

  73. Would love you to talk about the topic of homeschooling and how to get in to college and where to find money for it.

  74. would love organization ideas

  75. I’d love to hear tips and support for working parents who homeschool.

    • Angela, I’ll be talking about this on “Flourish at Home.” I’ve combined a home business with homeschool for many years, so I understand the challenges. There are lots of ways to do it well, and it’s definitely a growing trend.

  76. I would love to hear about schooling multiple ages and time management

  77. This looks great! I would love to hear shows on balancing homeschooling and homemaking, avoiding distractions (for both the kids and me), and igniting the love of learning in my kids. Thanks.

  78. Anything encouraging for me as a mom! Somedays are great , but somedays are just so hard and discouraging!

  79. Ellen Grace Callahan says

    I would like to hear thoughts on religious studies in home school. In public school, no more God. Yet, they still have gods (Greek, Roman, Norse). I love mythology. In home school, is it normal to only teach the True God? Is other religious information being taught? (for informational purposes, not conversion). Christian denominations, Judaism, Muslim etc. I think it important to TRY to understand other’s beliefs.

  80. Gayle Peterson says

    I would be glad to hear lots of programs about raising teen-age boys and home-schooling them. Also, anything about entrepreneurship.

    • Gayle, the first episode of Dollars and Sense will be on entrepreneurship, specifically starting a micro business. Listen live October 10 at 1 pm ET or in the archives.

  81. What a wonderful idea! Would love to hear how to keep tweens/teens inspired to do their best work, not let schoolwork be a battlefield, and teaching time management skills.

  82. I am very new to homeschooling with one child in Kindergarten this year. I like to keep up with anything and everything so that I can be prepared!

  83. This sounds great! I’m excited to hear you. I’d love to hear about getting through the high school years. I have a 7th grader and I am wondering what all we need to have in place to get HS off to a great start in a couple of years.

  84. thanks for asking for ideas for things people would like to hear about on your new program. It’s nice to know that someone is interested enough to listen to our needs instead of just talking about that they want to talk about. It gets tiresome sometimes listening to people who seem to be able to homeschool without problems. Their “perfect” homeschool lives where their children seem to just sit and learn everything their mom puts before them! Sometimes I wonder if I’m just doing everything wrong when I know I’m not! It’s just a matter of reaching our son in the right way. You rarely hear on homeschool blogs about people having to deal with their children bouncing off the walls, not listening or having a problem with the curriculum they are using!
    Things I would like to learn more about? I have a whole list and could probably come up with more with additional time to really think about it! lol First, I live in a fairly rural area, five miles from the closest town. I would love to hear some ideas on how to find other people in my area who also homeschool. Also, it would be nice to hear about how people have started their own homeschool groups in the area where they live because I’ve been thinking of doing just that! Another thing I would like to learn about is how people are able to homeschool and start their own businesses to help pay for some of their homeschooling needs. (My husband and I are both disabled veterans. We’re on a really tight budget but we want to homeschool our son. Sometimes, it’s really tough to be able to purchase some of the curriculums we would like to have to teach our son.) There are all kinds of materials out there for either visual or auditory learners but not that much for kinetic learners. It would be wonderful to hear ideas for teaching kinetic learners! Lastly, it would be nice to get help with homeschooling a special needs child, autistic specifically.

    • There are so many shows that fit this! Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out times for the specific shows.

  85. Programs on homeschooling an only child, especially one who wants to do everything but ‘boring’ core schoolwork. Tips for participating in a co-op, developing friendships with homeschooling and non-homeschooling Moms, and just relationships in general in this over scheduled, electronic world.

  86. Julie Francisco says

    Would love to see articles about home school moms who have chronic illnesses and disabilities. Also single moms on fixed income who home school. I sure would like some advice, helpful hints,best place to get curriculum and encouragement.
    thank you

    • Julie, I’ve been homeschooling for 17 years–the past 12 as a single mom. I’ll definitely be offering tips and encouragement for single moms on the “Flourish at Home” show. Many blessings to you and your children!

  87. kristy goode says

    about learning styles of children

  88. I would love to learn more about finding your child’s learning style.

  89. Jenna DeMaria says

    I would love to hear about finding balance, between being a mom, a wife, a teacher, a housekeeper and not loosing ourselves.

    • Jenna, balance is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart! I’ll be discussing it often on “Flourish at Home.” Hope you can join us!

  90. Encouragement for homeschooling through highschool. Godly character traits.

  91. I can always count on Felice to bring Christ centered speakers that encourage and equip me to keep going in my hs journey, whether I am I listening or reading. Love the new site.

  92. Colleen Free says

    Internet helps for homeschooling, and internet safety. Also programming for teens by teens.

  93. Yvonne Tisdell says

    Being a Godly mom and how to instill love for God in my children

  94. I would like more info. on homeschooling high schoolers and keeping up on what needs to be done for college prep, etc.

  95. I would love to hear about Christian single home schooling moms.

    • Joy, I’ll be offering tips and encouragement for my fellow single homeschooling moms on the “Flourish At Home” show. Many blessings to you and your children!

  96. I would like to have more info. on homeschooling high schoolers.

  97. Roxanna Alcantra says

    I would love topics such as to how to be a Godly mom and also about homeschooling children with special needs especially those with medical issues, curriculum used in homeschooling with special needs, keeping the faith, and staying strong, positive and resilient. Thanks!

  98. I would like to hear more about how to prepare a child for college. Please talk about transcripts etc.
    Thanks in advance!

  99. I have learned of you for the first time today. I look forward to getting to know you and your ministry better!

  100. Homeschooling renewal for the spirit doing God’s work….help rejuvenate the burned out homeschooled!

  101. As a person who was homeschooled, I think it would be good to talk about what to do with homeschooling when the family life falls apart. My family fell apart when I was 13, my parents were still married, but they worked all the time and there were some other things that were invovled as well. Running the house sort of fell on me and I took over homeschooling my younger sisters. I lost out in highschool academics and spent 2 years in college trying to fix what I missed as a teenager in the way of academcis. Homeschooling is awesome and I consider no other way for my children to receive their edcuation then this, but I have never heard anyone address the issues of family problems and school suffering. God bless!!

    • Wow Holly! Now that homeschooling has been legal for 30 years we are hearing from homeschool graduates who have come out of situations that were less-than-ideal. Thanks for sharing and I think it’s wonderful that you still have such high regard for homeschooling in spite of your situation! I’m sure Felice will see that this is covered, right Felice? πŸ™‚

  102. Homeschooling with ailing health of a parent or two.

  103. I would like to hear programs that cover Time Management, Learning styles, High School and creating a transcript…

  104. I would like to hear about specific website for free items for homeschooling. Also, Biblical homeschool practical ideas for daily use. Thank you for this station. I will try to hear you on my satellite radio.

  105. Organization/Time management

  106. I would appreciate tips on organization. I would also like to hear about homeschooling in high school. Thanks

  107. I would like encouragement for the rough days and how to not forget about spending our own time in the Bible.

  108. I would love to hear about combining studies with children with a wide range of ages.

  109. Darleen Weston says

    I would say, time management would be a big top I would love to hear about.

    • Darleen, time management is so important because it affects everything else we do! I’ll be discussing this a lot on the “Flourish at Home” show.

  110. I am new to the homeschooling thing so I would love to hear about homeschooling little kids. I am doing preschool stuff with my kids right now.

  111. I would love to hear Leigh at Lunch by Leigh Bortins of Classical Conversations.

  112. Just starting home-preschool with my children. Looking forward to hearing on that subject. =)

  113. Michelle Wickline says

    I would love to hear encouragement in maintaining discipline in the household, and on spiritual guidance πŸ™‚ Thank you. πŸ™‚

  114. I’m new here, so I’m not sure what has already been covered. But, I would like to hear about making your children/family best friends for life – training in a life of love for God and for each other and real life examples. Thank you! πŸ˜€ This sounds like a great idea – homeschooling radio! πŸ˜€

  115. Sounds like a great site! Love topics on time management. teaching multiple grades and incorporating real life topics, finance, home skills etc….

  116. I like to listen to things that inspire and motivate both in my spiritual walk as well as homeschool

  117. Thank you for your blog. Such an inspiration to many.

  118. What a great idea! I look forward to hearing from many of these amazing men and women who now have a regular platform to share with us! πŸ™‚ Whoo hoo!

  119. Time management and homeschooling! And truly enjoying your children while they are young!!! Need encouragement in that on the hard days…

    • Elizabeth, I’ll be talking a lot about time management on the “Flourish at Home” show. You are so wise to bring up enjoying your children while they are young. It really is hard to remember that on the hard days. My children are older now, and although that simplifies a lot of things, I do miss those precious younger days. Many blessings to you and your family.

  120. Thank you for this article.

  121. As the mother of a child with special needs, I would like to hear topics related to homeschooling children with special needs.

  122. Parenting issues – especially teens

  123. Karilyn Putt says

    This site is great. We’ve been homeschooling for a few years now, but encouragement in life is always a blessing. I have one high schooler with autism that can be challenging a a newly teenage daughter that is, we’ll a teen age girl! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to come back & read more on this site. Blessings!

  124. I’d love to have practical advice on engaging a preschooler while teaching an older child as well as how to involve multiple learning styles in the same family.

  125. I would like to hear about teaching a child who is very intelligent, but has issues such as ADD, trouble focusing, Tourette Syndrome, Sensitivity issues, etc. Every day is a challenge for me and I know there are other families who deal with the same issues, but you don’t really hear too much about them. Looking forward to hearing the broadcasts.

  126. Homeschooling while working from home, homeschooling a child with special needs (high functioning autism and central auditory processing disorder in specific), family relations – that’s the kind of stuff I need to hear!

    • Crystal, I’ll be talking a lot about balancing working from home with homeschooling on the “Flourish at Home” show. It’s challenging, but it’s a growing trend, and it is definitely doable!

  127. Like many others I would deff. like to see topics like homeschooling special needs, organization & encouragement for homeschool moms!
    Thanks for the giveaway! I found your site thru the modest mom blog. πŸ™‚

  128. I’d love to hear dual enrollment topics in highschool as well as record keeping and just plain encouragement that you can do this πŸ™‚

  129. Rhoda Kindred says

    Homeschooling a special needs child!

  130. I’d love to hear about homeschooling with talented and gifted children.

  131. Homeschooling a preschooler.

    • Dianne, come on over to the Preschoolers and Peace site where I’ve got lots of resources for you! We’ll also touch on those years with little ones on HomeschoolingIRL.


  132. I’d love to hear about homeschooling on a budget, especially in subjects that typically require more expensive supplies equipment, like science, building trades, robotics, engineering, etc.

  133. Lisa Guthrie says

    Bible verses pertaining to everyday events

  134. First time I’ve heard of you. Wonderful!!

  135. I’m open to just about any topic. If I had to list something out… teaching middle school. I want to find ways to challenge without overwhelming.

  136. I’d like to see Homeschool time management and encouragement. Thanks!

    • Christine, I’ll be talking a lot about time management on the “Flourish at Home” show. Such an important topic that affects everything else we do! And we all need encouragement, don’t we? Many blessings on your homeschool journey!

  137. I would love to hear motivational stories from other homeschooling moms, so maybe have segment of introducing a family and what their typical day is like. πŸ™‚

    • Paola, we are going to spend a lot of time talking about what homeschooling actually looks like on the good and bad days. Look forward to talking about these topics on Homeschooling In Real Life.

  138. New ideas for different subjects

  139. Homeschooling grade, middle and highschool, all at once =)

  140. We are discovering that our youngest is probably dealing with CAPD. Would love encouragement with parenting/teaching this child. She is almost nine and still not understanding Kindergarten math, and just barely up to beginning first grade for reading.

  141. unbelieving spouses

  142. I look forward to hearing you your podcast and thank you for listening to that soft, still voice.

  143. Time management is a big issue in our family, we would love more advise on this.

    • Jennifer, I’ll be talking a lot about time management on the “Flourish at Home” show. It is so important because it affects everything we do. Many blessings to you and your family!

  144. Kelly Lamhauge says

    I would like to know more about unschooling young children. I have a young son I will homeschool. When I homeschooled my now grown daughters, I was way to uptight and made them work way to much in workbooks. My views are going the opposite way with my son.

  145. Hi Felice – hopefully the competition is ok for me in NZ?
    I would love to hear about how to motivate teenagers, how to help your teenager to discover what to do with their lives, how to not take the fun out of learning if you are taking the exam route for teenagers – actually anything on homeschooling and raising teenage boys would be fantastic since I have 3 of them! lol

    • Rachel – welcome – how are we competition? Do you host a podcast as well? We all work for the Kingdom, right? So we all are to work together. Hugs, girl!

  146. Jennifer Rugh says

    TOPICS I would like to listen to: Whole brain training! God created our brains so intricately, it’s a wonder in and of itself. Even though we are born with a bent towards using one side our brain or the other more dominantly, we can train both sides of the brain to work together for a more efficient, logical, creative result. I would love to hear more about the science of this along with great creative ideas to reinforce this training at home. Thanks!

  147. Angela Upright says

    Homeschooling very active boys!

  148. I would like to hear shows on teaching autistic children, gifted children, dealing with children not wanting to do any lessons of any kind, and college at home.

  149. Darla Shannon says

    Homeschooling high school.

  150. Homeschooling organization for Highschool.

  151. Keeping your homeschool days calm in a chaotic world. How to homeschool multiple children with different learning styles. How to identify your child’s learning style. How to teach to your child’s interests.

    • Hi Lynn, Great ideas! I will host Cathy Duffy who wrote, “101 Top Picks of Homeschool Curriculum” on October 21st so mark your calendar! She would be the person to ask. As far as multiple children there are many shows that will deal with this topic is many different ways.

  152. Book reviews for tween boys, marriage and homeschooling, Internet safety, Internet sites and apps that are trusted/appropriate for learning

    • Books for tween boys – http://www.TruthSeekersMysterySeries.com (I wrote these with my homeschooled daughter – sorry, biased here! As far as marriage, homeschooling etc. We have great shows on all of those topics. Sign up for our newsletter and that will help you with your planning and what shows match your interests.

      • Jackie Perseghetti says

        And ANOTHER good book for tween boys (and girls) is “Faith Factor NT” and “Faith Factor OT” — thru the Bible devotions. They are a cross between a devotional, a commentary, and a Bible study and speak at the heart level. Practical. Engaging. Life-transforming! (And yes, I’m a wee bit biased, but I speak truthfully about this). πŸ™‚

  153. Would love to hear how to encourage other homeschool moms to get involved in local homeschooling groups without pressuring them.

    • Ahh…Julieanne! The age old question. As a group leader for many years I *hear* you! Great topic… I’ll ask my group of show hosts.

  154. Ann M Contreras says

    Im not going to listen to the radio because Im profoundly deaf. But for my children I would like them to hear interviews or stories of other children being homeschool. This is for the children after all.;0)

    • Hi Ann – thanks for stopping by! How old are your children? We have a show for teens – Finish Well at 7pm est. Most of the shows are for adults but what a great recommendation!

  155. I have just found out about your site and show, I am a first year homeschooler so everything homeschooling is of interest to me.

  156. Shannon Robinson says

    I’m new at homeschooling, and I’ve researched a LOT here recently. My favorite areas were: homeschooling on a budge, educational freebies available to homeschoolers, and updates on laws that affect my state. Any variation of these topics would be interesting and helpful! Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  157. Stacey Knechel says

    This is the first time I have heard of you. But I would appreciate hearing encouraging words for how to homeschool, without needing to look like a public school.

  158. Well, the homeschool one sounds pretty neat. I’ll have to look into it!
    *Technically I’m in this ginormous high school, but that doesnt matter, right?

  159. I’d love to hear a talk on how to schedule in chore time with homeschool lesson time. Also, a talk on how to control/deal with sibling squabbling.

  160. Avis Clinger says

    How to realistically homeschool mutipule age groups and not go insane from a day that takes from sun up to sun down.

  161. I rarely see or hear anything regarding being a single parent homeschooler. I know that its not common for us singles but there are lots of us and we get over looked quite often.

  162. A segment on teaching manners and respect.

  163. Listening to the Holy Spirit direct your homeschool, delight-directed learning, schooling that revolves around Bible first. πŸ™‚

  164. Excited for Wendy. Very cool.

  165. I would love to hear from other homeschooling families, stories, inspiration. Also educational shows for the kids would be wonderful…Thank-You… πŸ™‚

  166. Looking forward to learning more now that I have found this site.

  167. How to keep a house in order when kids are home all day.

  168. I’m new to your site so I’m not sure what you’ve already covered. I’d appreciate a topic on how to convince others that homeschooling children does not cause anti-social behavior. This seems to be the prevalent thinking for those not familiar with how it works.

  169. i just started homeschooling my preschooler and am finding it a little challenging. I would love some ideas for the year ahead!!

  170. Encouragement for homeschool parents that have children with special needs. Thanks so much!

  171. Encouragement. Advice on how to deal with emotional outbursts of frustration from child.

  172. I would like to hear about homeschooling children with special needs, time management and cooking ideas.

  173. I would love to get positive encouragement for homeschooling and how to incorporate Bible into homeschool.

  174. From homeschool to Univesity, warnings and advices for young ladies.

  175. Judith Martinez says

    I’m always looking for planning ideas! I’m terrible at planning!

  176. I would like to hear about classical homechooling, especially trying to do that with 2 wiggly boys that do not have a love of reading yet.

  177. I like to hear what other homeschoolers think about various products, books, tools, etc.

  178. Tracy Teague says

    I like to hear the story of other homeschoolers’ journeys. I think it can be encouraging to hear how God has changed the hearts of reluctant fathers or mothers, along with other challenges that may have come along with the homeschooling journey. Veteran homeschoolers can share what has worked or not worked and what they would change or keep the same. Hearing the stories of people who have persevered encourages those who are struggling to keep going and not give up.

  179. Homeschooling multiple children from elementary to high school.

  180. Would love to hear more about household management and homeschooling with little ones. Thanks for the giveaway!

  181. Loretta Musser says

    Encouragement, support, and rescources for parents with struggling learners.

  182. There were so many requests for homeschooling in high school, transcripts and college prep. I’m going to add some episodes to my show Dollars and Sense. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  183. Hello! I’d love to hear more about preparation, organization and great Christian homeschool programs to use for my children. I’m just starting out so anything and everything is appreciative and helpful. God bless! x

  184. Tiffany Paxton says

    Needing some homeschooling encouragement. They seem to be running out of steam and we are only 5 weeks into the year!

  185. I’d love to hear about practical ways to teach finances!

  186. I’m always interested in everyone’s curriculum choices and why they choose them. Also, i would love to see more on teaching different ages all at the same time:)

  187. We’re in the process of moving… and have been for months. First, our house was for sale so there were interruptions associated with showings, then packing, then moving to a temporary place, now renovating the new place and soon we’ll move again. I’d like to hear tips on how to survive homeschooling during times of upheaval. There was even a fire at our temporary location, which meant more moves and smoke damage and insurance claims to handle! How does a person get it all done?

    • Sounds stressful, Lori – will definitely consider this as a topic! We added onto our house twice and I still homeschooled through it all – but it was difficult homeschooling with building people in the way – even if one was my husband, the contractor! We homeschooled in our lanai for at least 6 months!

  188. I would love to hear a show on ideas for teenagers to start a home business.

  189. Would love to have info that equips parents of teens to maintain good relationships with their kids

  190. Would like to have info that equips parents of teens to maintain good relationships with their kids

  191. I would like to hear tips about how to help kids transition from public school to homeschool environment

  192. Wendy Kvachenko says

    Can’t wait to browse and “hear” what is available. Thank you for your site!

  193. Ten year old boys. Enough said πŸ˜‰

  194. I would love to hear about homeschooling with little ones! I’m just starting to homeschool my oldest who is in preschool, so I have a lot to learn! πŸ™‚

  195. This would be a great way to notify people when the homeschool laws in their state are being challenged and give them advice on how to act to protect their home school freedoms.

  196. extras for the social child

  197. I would love to hear about managing homeschooling and household upkeep in a home with many children, all while staying close to the Lord and staying peaceful and organized!

  198. I would like to hear how to engage our teenage sons more. They would rather be doing what Daddy is doing, playing, etc. than doing school.

  199. I would love to hear about homeschooling multiple ages, organization and some curriculum review/learning style match type topics.

  200. Would like to hear about special needs teaching

  201. I would love t0 hear about character development in preschoolers. Thank you.

  202. I would love to see an article about when your child is really struggling to pick up a concept you’re teaching. How do you handle it without reacting in a way that is discouraging? Thanks!

  203. Flora Atonio says

    How about teaching simple manners to toddlers and time management! Thanks in advance!

    – Flora

  204. There are many great ideas above. Homeschoolers need support, advice, and information. Thank you for starting this great ministry that will encourage so many. What we need to hear is from ‘real’ moms that we can relate to at many levels. So often we set standards too high for ourselves and our kids, because we are trying to feed our insecurities about tackling such a big job as educating children. I have homeschooled for 15 years and have made this mistake myself. Getting our eyes off ourselves and on our kids and their individual strengths allows standards to be set high but for them and their excellence, not ours.

    • Joni – wow – you sounded just like me when I first started homeschooling. I remember going to a homeschool conference and watching as one speaker showed us this amazing History Unit study she had done with her children where she sewed each of them outfits from a particular period of time. I couldn’t sew… I hot glued! I felt there was no way I could compare. Years later I not only became friends with this lady — but realized she is just like “me”… Thankfully I purchased her book (Valerie Bendt – How to do a Unit Study) and based most of my education on this method.

      Just keep your eyes as you so wisely said on your families goals, the kids and most of all balance! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you here often.

  205. modesty

  206. How to tell people that you homeschool without causing them to feel like they need to make excuses for why they don’t. Comes up when people ask the kids what school they attend. We try not to make people feel like we’re better than them, just different, but they always seem to come up with reasons why they could never do “that.”

  207. I would love to hear more about homeschooling or hybrid homeschooling. I have one in public school and one homeschooling.

  208. Testimonies of people who were scared to homeschool (scared they wouldn’t be good or successful), and how they dealt with those fears and decided to HS.

  209. Victoria Dudkin says

    I would like to hear more real life examples on how to do things because I often hear a theory of how to do something but I wouldn’t know how and where to use it, also how to connect everything we teach with God and His word

  210. So many topics come to mind, but my top three follow: patience for parenting toddlers/Pre-K, work/life/Homeschool balance, and changes to homeschooling laws.

  211. I just learned of your show! But I would love encouragement as a homeschooling mom of 7, age range of 7 mos. – 11 years, who’s husband works in another state. All while trying to grow closer to God through all of the joyful chaos.

  212. Cleaning/organizing while homeschooling and working.

  213. Time management!!!

  214. I’m a newbie to homeschooling. Would love guidance with my 8th grade gifted son.

  215. I would love to see topics geared toward homeschool graduates and continuing higher education while also still serving their family at home.

  216. Very excited to be a part of all this. Thank you!!

  217. Anger! Not sure this would be the right forum for this topic, but, all I know is that anger has more often surfaced since I started homeschooling! Perhaps it’s been aggravated by organizational issues and time management (and/or lack thereof!), lots of little ones, not enough time in the day, priorities, etc… At the end of the day, drowning in my shame and guilt because of my angry and impatient outbursts, I pray that God heals the little wounds I may have inflicted on my child(ren)’s hearts and thank Him for new mercies every morning! So…anger. Can this even be a topic on a show for homeschooling???

  218. Homeschooling for special needs and general homeschool encouragement.

  219. I would love to hear about finding a rhythm in homeschool when you first start out. Or how to homeschool your oldest, with a toddler whom was diagnosed with a LD that requires just as much hands on learning from you with his in home therapist.

  220. I would like to know more about the homeschool products available… which are best and why.

  221. Danielle Dishon says

    Wow! This looks great. I’m looking forward to the encouragement that I’m sure I can glean from.

  222. The pros and cons of homeschooling and how we, moms, should be OK with that and find balance; Higher education support and ideas; Keeping our priorities on track while homeschooling and doing all sorts of other stuff; General support on our choice of home education—just a few of my ideas:)

  223. Balance- home, school, family, church, etc

  224. M. L. Williams says

    discipleship articles for parents to engage their children

  225. I’d like to hear more about motivating our students and encouraging their interests while still getting them through the basics that might not be so interesting at the moment. Also how to motivate a teenager.

  226. I would love to hear about homeschooling many children, keeping the younger children entertained while homeschooling the older ones, not getting burnt out. Things like that.

  227. Would love to hear more about budget-friendly ideas homeschoolers can use to supplement their curriculums! That has been the most challenging part for us so far!

  228. Alicia Mclemore Bal says

    I’d like articles on high school homeschooling. This is my second year homeschooling and my first year doing high school. Though I’m using an accredited catholic curriculum, I like to find ways to supplement. I’m especially interested in ways to prepare my high schooler for college.

  229. I would love to hear more about unschooling.

  230. Heather Young says

    Organization and scheduling lots of young elementary kids at once!

  231. Encouragement and tips for the special needs child.
    My son is 9, autistic and at about a 2-3 year old’s level. “Adequate Progress” can be confusing (not to mention discouraging) when his age group is in 3rd grade.

  232. Record keeping, homeschooling high school, and preparing for adulthood.

  233. I would love to hear others personal homeschool experiences.

  234. All of my suggestions have been mentioned already! Biblical parenting, special needs homeschooling, homeschooling with chronic illness. How about managing homeschooling special needs children while working and struggling with chronic illness! Lol

  235. I’d like to hear about how to prepare your children for life in the real world (college, jobs, etc.) after growing up in a protected environment.

  236. I would love more about special needs homeschooling.

  237. Marybeth Hamilton says

    How to start homeschooling

  238. I see that a number of us would like to see Special Needs discussed. I would especially be interested in Special Needs for high school and planning for college. Also, using a Charlotte Mason approach in high school.

    Thank you!

  239. Bonnie Boucek says

    Homeschooling special needs that are learning disabilities.

  240. This is our first year homeschooling. So far we are doing alright but I am having a hard time getting him to focus. My son has Grave’s Disease which is hyperthyroidism. I would love some ideas on how to keep him focused and how to relax a little on the structure.

  241. I would love to hear about what topics to cover for teens before they transition into college. Right now I have three teens and next year at this time I will have five teens! I want to be sure I cover everything before they leave the nest! What will others who have not homeschooled know that we, as homeschoolers, may not have had to deal with in our homeschooling world? Not educational topics like Physics, Algebra, etc; we have those covered. More like ‘life’ topics. Thank you!

  242. Homeschooling multiplies and organization

  243. I love to hear how others are implementing (and adapting!) various homeschool styles to fit their families needs.

  244. I would love to hear more about homeschooling special needs kids πŸ™‚

  245. Great idea.

  246. I wold love to hear insights into other peoples homeschooling experience. What works and what doesnt.

  247. I would love to hear some simple homemaking ideas – how to get everything done around the house… and how to pass those skills on to my children since I am just learning them now. πŸ™‚

  248. I would love to hear about establishing routines and schooling multiple ages.

  249. This is fantastic! Topics I would love to hear more about is anything about homeschooling a high schooler. Thanks!

  250. Karen Williams says

    Making money from home.

  251. How to design curriculum to fit with Charlotte Mason, Classical Christian, and Thomas Jefferson education methods (among others). What makes a good curriculum? What makes a good unit plan, or project-based unit?

  252. I’d like to hear more about homeschooling gifted children as well as “only” children! Thanks!

  253. Love to hear more about home schooling teens

  254. I would love to hear audio dramas, homeschooling tips, unit studies, online resources available for homeschooling, and uplifting stories for homeschooling christian moms.

  255. I really would like to have ideas on how to remain calm while trying to teach a pre-k and kindergarten child when they don’t want to do the work. Perhaps ways to engage them, have fun and still get the work done.

  256. I’d like to hear more about how fathers can contribute to homeschooling duties.

  257. Homeschooling thru high school and dyslexia.

  258. Patricia Raehn says

    I love to hear anything on history. Also stories of faith are wonderful.

  259. I need help keeping on track with my two students while my 18 month old preschooler trashes my house. Unless I’m actually engaging with him he gets jealous of all the attention his sisters are getting. I do try to stagger their time with me such as Dd1 gets time while Dd2 is supposed to be playing with Ds and vice versa with lessons they both do together sandwiched between them. I just don’t know what to do with him. He’s not staying on a game or activity unless someone does it with him. Help

    Thanks in advance.

  260. I am so excited for this launch! It looks like all of the areas I would be interested in are mentioned: special needs, multiple ages, etc. I have a son with severe autism/asp/spd along with a tot that is gifted. My Kindergartener seems to have tendencies similar to both of his younger siblings as well. Knowing that there will be homeschool writers that I have loved for years touching on these subjects is so inspiring and exciting to me! Thank you so much for putting this all together.

  261. I love hearing about the nitty gritty hard times of homeschooling. Those are the ones that make us all feel normal. Of course, I’m sure that Kendra and Fletch will be hitting those types of topics. πŸ™‚

  262. Has anyone tried Unschooling? And how has that effected college and adult life…..

  263. Ambre Sautter says

    I love hearing about literature based education.

  264. Sonya Morris says

    I would love to hear some ideas on how homeschooling preschoolers.

  265. Kimberly Dillavou says

    I would love to hear topics on homeschooling teens. Not so much about the educational subjects but more about “life” topics ( transitioning into college, healthy relationships, growing in their relationship with God)

  266. Jennier Mesa says

    I would love to hear about being prioritizing, managing our time effectively and establishing routines for multiple ages. I would also like help with incorporating sewing and cooking along with other domesticated duties into our daily routine like gardening or canning food without burning out myself and children. Thanks!

  267. This is a wonderful idea. This would have been so great when I was teaching my children in what they called the Dark Ages. Before computers, Before the internet, even before homeschool groups. Wish it had been available then.

  268. how to motivate kids to do their work and how to handle homeschooling when the primary homeschooling parent travels for work for three or four weeks at a time. (once or twice a year…kids are 17, 15, 13, 10)

  269. I would love to hear more homeschooling and character value stories

  270. High school preparation
    College scholarship planning

  271. I’d love to hear ideas for social activities and balancing those with school work.

  272. Tracie Coffey says

    Well this is exciting! The the basics of the day-i and day-out work is easy for me to deal with. It’s things like art and music that I would be interested in learning more about. I was not good in art class and never had the opportunity to play an instrument but would like for my children to try. How can this be done at home?

  273. This sounds wonderful. Homeschoolers need as much encouragement and support as they can get. There are many good topics, but perhaps feeling confident and peaceful with their homeschools is one of the most important.

  274. I would love to hear about how to get struggling teenaged homeschooled boys motivated.

  275. So many have been said already, but how about a little comedy, would be nice to also have a definite day time for quiet time. Turn on the “radio” for a story, soft music or uplifting devotional while the family takes a break.

  276. How to balance older and younger children’s curriculum and still incorporate time for fun!

  277. Character training, Bible memorization tips, house and homeschool time management and organization, homeschool encouragement, marriage and romance, homeschooling an only child, nature studies, hands-on learning, project-based learning, service learning projects, Christmas planning and activities, meal planning, history and timelines, how to organize your own co-op, unit studies, homeschool methods, and literature-based learning. There’s more but I will stop there. Oh . . . my friend would like to hear a topic on homeschooling multiple children in math using different subjects. Thank you for hearing our suggestions for topic discussions.

  278. I just ran across this and am so excited. What a great blessing.

  279. Homeschooling multiple children while maintaining a part-time job — how it can be done well!

  280. Homeschooling while working part time — doing it well.

  281. I would like to hear how to keep going when lifes challenges are more than you can handle sometimes.

  282. Radio shows for the kids

  283. I’m just excited to listen to other homeschool moms about all topics! I would love to hear about other parents homeschool days, good & bad. I’d love to hear about their ups & downs because it’s so much easier to relate and have a connections with other homeschoolers who aren’t perfect super moms who smoothly homeschool 8 kids, keep their houses clean & organized, cook perfectly healthy meals everyday for every meal, have their kids perfectly mannered and dressed, and still look good and have time for sewing their kids clothes. I am NOT one of those moms :-). I just want to relate and laugh with other moms who share the same everyday experiences as me.

  284. I need more information on homeschooling teens, especially with socialization. They feel isolated and there are not many activities available for teens like there are for preschoolers and elementary age homeschoolers. The ones that are available are sports-based and that’s one of the reasons we left traditional school was the emphasis on sports over academics.

  285. I would love to hear more about raising boys.

  286. I am not a homeschooler, but I am not happy with public schooling my great-granddaughters are receiving and their progress. They and their mother live with me and she works and I cannot handle 4 girls (7,6,5,4) by myself for long periods of time, so I am doing backup homeschooling to public schooling for about an 45 min to an hour a day. I taught preschool for 16 years back in the 70’s & 80’s so have some teaching experience but not many ideas any more. I am looking forward to the radio broadcasts for any help or ideas I can find (hear?)

  287. I would love to hear about managing multiple lessons for multiple students at different grade levels. I find that very challenging!

    • With nine children I found that challenging as well so we studied the same thing every year (went more in depth with the older students) and we did it co-op style! Our show, Homeschooling Co-op Style, will give you a vision as well as instructions for how to enjoy successful, low-stress co-ops! There’s an introductory video on this site and I have a blog: http://bettertogetherco-ops.blogspot.com/

  288. How exciting!

  289. Raising and teaching teenagers! Encouragement for moms.

    • Reposting a previous reply: It is important we be intentional with our teens in preparing them for life after high school. Co-ops are great because they provide a safe and friendly place for honing public speaking skills as well as providing opportunities for the teens to learn to ask the right questions, question the wrong answers, and have discussions regarding important issues! Our show, Homeschooling Co-op Style will touch on all of this! Join us on Oct. 9th for the first show. There’s an introductory video on this site as well. http://bettertogetherco-ops.blogspot.com/

  290. I would like encouragement for homeschooling the adopted child.

  291. So glad to have stumbled upon your website and radio program! Looking forward to checking it all out.

  292. I would like to hear more encouragment for Homeschooling through Highschool, and ALL the realities of doing this to bring forth Godly adults from our once children.

    • Reposting a previous reply: It is important we be intentional with our teens in preparing them for life after high school. Co-ops are great because they provide a safe and friendly place for honing public speaking skills as well as providing opportunities for the teens to learn to ask the right questions, question the wrong answers, and have discussions regarding important issues! Our show, Homeschooling Co-op Style will touch on all of this! Join us on Oct. 9th for the first show. There’s an introductory video on this site as well. http://bettertogetherco-ops.blogspot.com/

  293. Homeschooling High Schooler’s. That is my newest obsession. Also, I would love to hear more on the topics of Common Core, Legal Rights of Homeschooler’s, and how homeschooling figures in to “Prepper’s” plans.

    • Hi Tanya – we have a ton of stuff for highschoolers and homeschooling high school so stay tuned! I’m interviewing Cathy Duffy next month and she wrote a book in the year 2000 called Government Nanny’s that talked about “Goals 2000” and she predicted this. It is a live show and I’d book mark the time to join us and let’s ask her! (I host the Vintage Homeschool Moms show on Monday at noon eastern time.)

    • It is important we be intentional with our teens in preparing them for life after high school. Co-ops are great because they provide a safe and friendly place for honing public speaking skills as well as providing opportunities for the teens to learn to ask the right questions, question the wrong answers, and have discussions regarding important issues! Our show, Homeschooling Co-op Style will touch on all of this! Join us on Oct. 9th for the first show. There’s an introductory video on this site as well. http://bettertogetherco-ops.blogspot.com/

  294. I’d like to hear more about the season of homeschooling middles while starting to graduate the olders.

  295. I would want to hear about brain development and what can be done to maximize good learning abilities.
    Thanks for considering.

  296. I am really excited about this. I would like to hear some info about the charlotte mason method.

  297. I would like to hear a show on Native American homeschoolers. We homeschool online with a co-op and I think it would be fun to get factual information and Creation Stories heard via other cultures.

  298. Time management, homeschooling a learning reader with toddlers and babies in tow.

  299. I would love to read more about living your faith, from a teen’s perspective.

  300. I would like to hear about curriculum reviews. Espeacillay English curriculum

  301. I agree with the people who requested multiple age homeschooling, as well as homeschooling through high school. Thanks so much!

  302. Working from home (home daycare) and adhd needs. Looking forward to listening, will be a new listener!

  303. My son and I have recently started geocaching; something about this new hobby of ours would be great!

  304. how to stay motivated

  305. Children doing things out of love for each other (and others.)

  306. Peggy Stephens says

    Would love to see organizing help…we have a business and I need to figure out how Tod ale it all work.

  307. I would like information on homeschooling children of multiple ages ( under 7 years old). I also would like time management information.

  308. Rebecca Smith says

    Looks like a really great idea and list of topics. Can’t wait to listen to things that will inspire me.

  309. Great idea! I look forward to listening! I’d enjoy homeschool humor, how to juggle teaching several grades at once, homeschooling high school, homeschooling with a baby in the house, nature studies, experiential learning.

  310. Karen Partin says

    Homeschooling help and tips .

  311. I would love topics on being new to homeschooling (encouragement) and how to make the transition from middle school to home school, umm, less crazy for both mom and child…would also love topics on home schooling one child…
    Thanks much…

  312. Homeschooling High School

    • Start a co-op so your teens can hone their pubic speaking skills and learn how to discuss important issues!! Listen to our Homeschooling Co-op style show to find out more!

  313. I would love to hear about how to get a group started in my local area of local homeschool families to share in group activities like bible study. I would also like to hear about homeschooling a high school student. My oldest is in 7th grade and I am already feeling nervous about 9th grade and up.

    • Co-ops are a great way to get local families together. You not only accomplish educational goals, you provide a safe and friendly environment for learning and for socialization (at its best … with children of all ages learning alongside the parents) and, sharing the work load with other parents, minimizes your work load! Join our Homeschooling Co-op style show to learn more and check out our blog at: http://bettertogetherco-ops.blogspot.com/ All of the co-ops in which we have been involved have included Bible and character study and, because it’s such a passion of mine, worldview teaching as well! http://worldviewsinreview.blogspot.com/

  314. Keelia Curtis says

    I’m new and excited to listen for the first time. Thank you!

  315. I am very interested in faith-filled encouragement, home/time management and homeschooling helps with a baby. I am struggling with my teething 8 month old and the first year at home with a kindergartener and a sixth grader.

  316. Excited about Homeschool Radio Network! I would love to hear advice for character training.

  317. I’d love to hear how to manage high school and how to manage schooling a rather large family.

  318. I’d like to hear the topic of nurturing your children’s gifts to help them do what they love for a living.

  319. My husband and I have prayed a lot about this and as much as I want all our boys tostay at home all through their school years, we feel the leading of The Lord to send them to our little country school starting at age 7. How do I still keep the homeschool mindset when one is at public school and 3 are at home? And how do I keep everything simple and organized when there is so much developmental difference among them?

  320. I’d love to hear how others homeschool, how they choose their curriculum and how it works day to day with a large family- (including a newborn)

  321. I would love to learn more about teaching my children about finances, small business and keeping the motivation going to work hard and also have fun!

  322. Well it looks like the prelaunch was a success. I look forward to seeing how this works. Good luck and God bless.

  323. How to be a mom and a teacher. I have trouble shifting from one to the other.

  324. I think your radio show is an awesome idea! I’d like to hear about meal planning, organizing and home schooling high schoolers.

  325. Perhaps a fictional show that homeschool kids could relate to.

  326. I’d love to hear some ideas (and success stories) for teaching dyslexic kids.

  327. Perhaps some good resources on teaching sex education in a spiritual, Christian way.

  328. I have five littles, seven years old and under. Tips on homeschooling two with three others who want to be in the mix, for about five seconds ever two minutes… That would be a tremendous help!!

    • Having nine children, and wanting to keep the family together, we participated in co-ops that even included the infants. Granted, they were often in another room with several moms, but we took turns doing “nursery” duty so the families could be together (for the most part) and it worked well! As the babies aged, the face of the co-op changed, but I’ve been a part of many co-ops that have included children of all ages learning together (not segregated by age). Join our Homeschooling Co-op styles show to learn more. Check out the blog when you get a chance: http://bettertogetherco-ops.blogspot.com/

  329. I would like to hear about trying to work with twins with very different strengths and skills who are both in a constant competition for attention.

  330. I would like to hear about teaching different subjects from a biblical perspective, and the different resources that are out there to help do this. I would specifically like ideas for Kindergarten and lower el.

    • Teaching from a biblical worldview is, in my opinion, essential. I am passionate about this and our co-ops always include Bible memory, character lessons, and conversations about every subject as it relates to scripture. And everything relates to scripture! I’ll be hosting the Homeschooling Co-op style show and we’ll often include comments on teaching from a worldview perspective!! In fact, I have two blogs. One about co-oping and one about worldviews! Check them out: http://bettertogetherco-ops.blogspot.com/ and http://worldviewsinreview.blogspot.com/

  331. Everything I’d like to hear about has already been mentioned at least twice. Sounds like this is going to be a fun way to learn more. Thanks.

  332. I am so excited to hear everything! This is great! So we are a blended family, we both work, and our kids used to go to public school. Any topics on juggling and balancing would be great for us!

  333. Homeschooling while running an at-home business.

  334. I feel like I’ve read it a lot but, homeschooling a special-needs child.

  335. Nichole Middleton says

    I would love to hear about teaching special needs children as well! Also, I’d be interested in hearing ideas for teaching living math and living history.

  336. Hip Homeschool Moms!

  337. I always love to hear more great ideas for large families. I have a crew of my own! Tips on managing chores, attitudes, and embarking on what I am really intimidated by…. the teenage years!!! My oldest of 6 is twelve now. Homeschooling in the older years is something I’m committed to doing but a bit intimidated by!

    • Have you ever participated in a co-op? If not, I would encourage you to do so. This is the copy of another reply I just posted: I have nine children and participating in co-ops help us reached many of our educational goals. It was important to me to be together at the co-op so our co-ops often included children of many ages. With parents sharing the work load, the co-ops became the high light of our week. My show, Homeschooling Co-op style, will give you the ins and outs of co-oping successfully. I have a 3 minute intro video on my page at this site and I have a blog: http://bettertogetherco-ops.blogspot.com/ Welcome to the world of homeschooling!

  338. I would love to hear a show addressing homeschool years for preschool, and preschool co-ops.

  339. NaConda N. Frank says

    I’m so excited for this!! Getting my feet wet in our first year of homeschool, I’d like tips for homeschooling multiple age groups. I think it would also be cool if kids could interact with the show, maybe as a drawing/writing/video/etc contest or maybe even initiating a safe & family-friendly pen pal program. Doing this through a venue we trust (your business), I believe more families would be apt to participate. Thanks!

    • I have nine children and participating in co-ops help us reached many of our educational goals. It was important to me to be together at the co-op so our co-ops often included children of many ages. With parents sharing the work load, the co-ops became the high light of our week. My show, Homeschooling Co-op style, will give you the ins and outs of co-oping successfully. I have a 3 minute intro video on my page at this site and I have a blog: http://bettertogetherco-ops.blogspot.com/ Welcome to the world of homeschooling!

  340. Preparing middle and high schoolers for college

  341. More on how to homeschool the middle and high school ages

  342. I would love to hear some ways to help a child who hates reading to enjoy it even if only a little. πŸ™‚

  343. I am homeschooling a very physically disabled son, so I would love to hear some special needs advice/inspiration/resources/guidance that relates to students of average ability who struggle physically.

    There are days that I struggle with motivation. It’s not necessarily me questioning if homeschooling is right for us as much as it is me feeling worn down or tired of struggling. I would definitely tune in for a show about staying fired up or reenergizing during those lulls.

    I’m a big fan of resources that are inexpensive and/or online, so it’s always great to hear about what is available out there.

  344. homeschooling gifted & 2e children. kinetic learners.

  345. I think this is a great idea and I’m looking forward to the first one. I would be most interested in hearing about homescholing, special needs, and how to beat the grumpies and I don’t want tos when being ask to sit and work without it turning into a crying or screaming match.

  346. I’d like to hear more on traveling when homeschooling and/or missions opportunities for familes with young children.

  347. It sounds like a great resource! I’d like to hear about using (or not using) technology. For example, wise use of educational apps.

  348. I’d like to hear what opportunities homeschoolers have had to find work straight from high school.

  349. I would love to listen to a show about organizing your homeschool schedule (time management). Also, how to run your business from home and homeschool.

  350. I just found this page, I’m looking forward to listening. I have a gifted 5yo , a teen and a young adult who’s married with my first gran don’t he way! This is my second year homeschooling and some of the things I am learning the hard way. πŸ™ but we are getting it figured out. Any topics to encourage us would be great! πŸ™‚ thanks!

  351. I am looking forward to hearing Culinary Cohorts and Homeschool Sanity!

  352. This looks like a wonderful resource and I look forward to the launch. I used to attend the online expos but they haven’t been a good fit the last couple of years, so maybe this format will be a fit for this time in life. πŸ™‚

    For topic ideas I’d like to hear about giving ourselves room to be ourselves, even when that doesn’t look like anyone in the magazines or at the support meetings. I’d also like to hear about helping our children increasingly own their faith as they walk through the teen years. For children I’d love to see some things for teens who don’t plan on going to college – developing skills, finding mentors, standing strong as many of their homeschooling friends jump ship and enter various high schools and co-ops so they’ll be college ready and their friendships decline.

  353. Teen encouragement that isn’t goofy or chesesy, something they want to listen to.

  354. I’d like to hear about high school challenges, planning, and record keeping/transcripts.

  355. We’re new to homeschooling this year and I’d love to hear some curriculum reviews on Homeschool Radio.

    • I will interview Cathy Duffy – check the show page on Vintage Homeschool moms for the specific dates – that will be on curriculum reviews and learning styles.

  356. It would be great to hear about virtues for young kids

    • Kelly, this next Tuesday’s Mommy Jammies Night on October 8th is going to be on Homeschooling during the childbearing years. I will be covering a lot of “training the young” and home discipleship during this season. Hope you can join us. 9pm EST here LIVE or on FB for a FB Party.

      you can also find me writing here: http://angietolpin.com/blog

  357. I like the topics on homeschool and real life, as well as specific tips for specific areas of teaching. Thanks.

  358. Can’t wait!

  359. I would really enjoy seeing a balance of humor, educational resources, real-life insight or tips.

  360. Topics of interest to me would be homeschooling High schoolers and what graduation criteria other families have for graduation. Thanks!

  361. There are 2 subjects I would be interested in.
    The first would be home schooling on a budget (as close to free as possible).
    The second would be ideas on how to make all the activities of daily living into learning experiences.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Carol Topp’s show on Money Sense would be a great place to start. I will have guests on Vintage Homeschool Moms that will share on homeschooling on a budget.

  362. Looking forward to listening. I would love to hear about getting organized.

  363. I second the request for programs for kids. Wholesome stories, educational topics addressed to children, or even devotionals for kids. I, of course, would love listening along side them.

  364. I’d like to hear about homeschooling high schoolers and preparing for college.

    • We hope to soon have a show host whose specialty is teaching the SAT and ACT testing techniques as well as working with transcripts and much more!

  365. I would like to hear about starting the Charlotte Mason method with multiple ages.

  366. I would like to hear about how to incorporate homeschooling into family vacations (ie camping, national monuments ,etc).

  367. Juggling homeschooling and working outside of the home.

  368. I agree with other posts — more on homeschooling multiple children, different ages, grade levels and learning types. Also, more on curriculum choices.

  369. I’d be really interested in information about special needs, too, but our special need is giftedness. While an IQ of 145 is a blessing, most people seem to think this 5-year-old would be easy to homeschool. Giftedness, however, presents some very unique challenges. Asynchronous development (IE- emotions, intellect, fine motor skills, and physical development happening at dramatically different rates) becomes a problem when a kindergartener struggles to write but his 2nd grade curriculum requires so much writing, when it becomes a challenge to find challenging reading material with topics appropriate for his 5 year old sensitivity and maturity levels, and when his OverExcitabilities (OEs) drive him and his family to frustration. Add to that a touch of Combined-Type ADHD, and 2 younger sisters….

    Yes, I’d be grateful for ideas!

  370. I’d like advice on dealing with a child who hates school and refuses to do his work.

  371. Encouragement for moms, tips and tricks for encouraging our children (in their schoolwork and in their faith), organization and planning.

  372. I am at the end of our homeschool journey and love the information and friendship that I have been blessed with. I find it absolutely incomprehensible that there are several moms who call me their mentor because I still feel like I am learning. God has also placed me in the position of director of a hs accountability group in SC and I am feeling many pressures to run it well. I need to figure out how to make it a 501c3 and balance time in running and rebuilding the group while I homeschool my youngest through high school. The association is free to members so I need to find some creative ways to finance it. I am doing my best to learn all about college and financial aid and such and now the youngest feels led to join the military so I am trying to explore the options and all the nuances of a military career. Meanwhile, the eldest feels called into ministry, which is fabulous, but another area of learning to navigate. I am working on the transition from full-time mom to empty-nester. I have to figure out if I am going back to work in my first career, a veterinarian, or if God has called me to run this association and even build it into a viable business. So if you have anything that will help me (and I am sure you do), that’s what I need!

  373. So many of the topics I’d like to know more about are already mentioned! Can’t wait for this to launch!!!

  374. Definitely time management, including those of us who are also work-at-home moms. Keeping preschoolers occupied for more than 5 minutes. New hobbies for kids (especially boys), and if they were directed towards making gifts for Christmas that would be great! How to get your homeschooling OUTSIDE without dropping your curriculum entirely. Including more projects and “fun subjects” without chucking the schedule. Educational tv shows, mobile device apps (especially for Kindle Fire), and websites. PLEASE some Godly help with teen boys and puberty! That’s all I can think of… for now. πŸ™‚ Thank you and God bless!

    • Melanie Wilson says

      DaLynn, what a great list that made me smile. πŸ™‚ I’ve struggled with all of those issues over the year and hope to address many of them on The Homeschool Sanity Show.

  375. Priorities and scheduling of everyday life

  376. We started homeschooling just 2 years ago with my then 6 year old daughter. And now we have an 8 year old, a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn. I’d love to hear topics on home and time management. Also I could really use a lot of encouragement because with the community we’re a part of, the demographics in our area, as well as the culture we’re in -we are really going against the grain with everyone. Even our own pastor doesn’t believe in homeschooling although we know that him and his wife do not express it to us fully because in reality they aren’t that familiar with it. None of my friends or people that we know of homeschool. And you would rarely find families in our area who homeschool either. So a constant encouragement from fellow homeschoolers who lived it and still living it would be a tremendous blessing. Thank you.

    • Lynn, several of our events are live and here you will find, in “real time” a chat room with supportive moms. Try to make it to the noon eastern time show, the Vintage Homeschool moms – I’ll be talking about things I wish I knew when I started homeschooling when I lived far out in the country and no one at my church homeschooled either! You are welcome to join us, hope to meet you soon. You’ll get lots of encouragement from all the shows on this site.

      • Thank you so much. I’m excited to listen to the show. Do you also think that creating a Facebook account would be a good idea as far as connecting with other homeschoolers?

        • Hi Lynn – while Facebook is a good way, I’m afraid many claim it takes so much time away from their families – however if you closely monitor your time it is a great way to connect. In addition we have listen-live sessions and you are welcome to join us here during those times. You will connect with moms in “real time” in our chat rooms. Look at the shows and see if they offer live. Mine, Vintage Homeschool Moms is at noon every Monday eastern time.

    • Lynn,

      I would also like to invite you to come and join us this Tuesday for the Mommy Jammies Night here Oct 8th at 9pm EST. I am going to be talking on homeschooling/home discipleship during the childbearing years. I have been EXACTLY in your shoes… our youngest is 3, oldest is 13 (we have 6 kids)… I am going to get real about the nitty gritty stuff of homeschooling young kids while carrying for littles and in the childbearing season. Hope you can make, but if not you can download and listen later. I think. Right Felice?

  377. I would love to hear about schooling year round or on the 6 weeks on 1 week off schedule. How do you make it work. And homeschooling just one. Only one little one left in the nest and everything seems geared toward more than 1 child.

  378. Not just homeschooling kids with special needs, but also being a parent with special needs! Kids and parents both on the autism spectrum, trying to work together (with neurotypical kids in the mix as well) – that’s what we need help with!

  379. I am new to homeschooling. This is my first year. It’s challenging because, I don’t know alot of veteran homeschoolers. Everyone I know is in their first year also. So, I hope that I get alot of great tips here.

    • Stephanie,
      You should totally come to the Mommy Jammies Night this Tuesday Oct. 8th 9Pm Est! We are also having a FB party at 8pm just before. I will be speaking on homeschooling during the childbearing years and home discipleship. Sharing practical ideas of how it can look. Would love to meet you.

  380. I’d love to hear from/about grandparents who are raising and/or have adopted their grandchildren and are homeschooling. I know I’m not alone, but it often feels like it!!

  381. Reviews time management

  382. I would like to hear more about high school and documenting to make sure my kids get into college.

  383. I would like to hear about how to keep the kids interested in learning because it always fades away after a few weeks when we start a new year of learning. Plus, I would like to know how to keep up with all the household chores along with homeschooling and how to keep my sanity in the process.

    • Melanie Wilson says

      Sanity is my specialty, Amy. I think I’ve tried just about everything with respect to chores. Definitely a topic we’ll cover on The Homeschool Sanity Show.

  384. i’d like to hear how other families deal with homeschooling and dealing with babies and toddlers

  385. Homeschooling a young (K) child with special needs (Asperger’s/ADHD) is always something we can use more tips and encouragement for …

  386. I would like to hear “outside of the box” teaching tips!

  387. Encouragement for parents of extremely strong willed children.

  388. I’d love to hear about homeschooling high school at your child’s level – even if it’s not genius. I need encouragement that my kids will make it into and through college even if they don’t take all the A.P. courses or even calculus.

  389. I’d like advice on how to make our studies work around my children’s interests. For example, my son loves helicopters. Everything I have found relating to that is either early elementary or college level. Is there any way to figure out resources that are in between?

  390. Kimberly West says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the iPad mini. I would like to hear parents of children with disabilities…how they get everything done…from juggling doctors appointments to cleaning the house, schedules or tying to keep one…ha πŸ™‚
    So excited …can’t wait to hear what you have in store for the listeners.

  391. I am looking forward to the items to be heard on this Radio Network.

  392. I’d like hear more about organization at home.

  393. I would like to learn more about unit studies and lapbooks.

  394. I would like to see homeschooling single mom, highschool and homeschooling on low or no income!!

  395. I would want to have you disqust is high school. what we need to do to make are children ready for college. what they have to take.

  396. Would like to talk about field trips, low cost ideas and what the kids get from it.

  397. I would love to hear encouragement for dads and ideas on how to get them involved.

  398. Cindy Freeman says

    Homeschooling High school

    • Melanie Wilson says

      Cindy, I have homeschooled two high schoolers so far and find that there isn’t a lot of help for teaching this age. I hope to call upon an expert for The Homeschool Sanity Show who can help us.

  399. Would love tips on getting started and convincing my husband this is a good idea for the kids.

  400. I would like to hear/see more about supporting and encouraging the local homeschool groups, great traditions, and the children’s opinion of homeschooling. Also, how to not get caught up in comparing.

  401. This is our second year, I have K ( who is doing mostly1st grade work) and a 3.5 yo wanting to do school, pre-k, and a 10mon old crawling through everyone’s school work. Balancing little ones who all need “help”/ or just attention.

    • Melanie Wilson says

      Heather, that’s one of the most common questions I’m asked. We’ll definitely address that on The Homeschool Sanity Show this year.

  402. Stephanie D. says

    I am so excited over this Homeschool Radio Network. This is my first year homeschooling and so far it has been a battle, but nonetheless, I am very happy I followed God. I can’t wait to hear all of the different shows that will be available to us that homeschool. Thank you and God Bless.

  403. so many great ideas already posted! how about new ways to incorporate various media seamlessly into school. or all those little ideas that seem so simple they escape many of us – great way to get the listeners involved (:

  404. wow, love to be able to listen to the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Homeschool 3 children, 2 active boys and a little girl. Thanks

  405. I’m a grandparent caring for two little ones and I’m interested in the story hour and good audio books for the children. Full time homeschooling may not be an option for me, but I want to get them off to a good start and supplement their learning with good materials. This will be a valuable resource for me!

  406. This is my first time hearing about this and I’m very excited to be listening more. I have three boys, ages 9,5 & 3, and always appreciate hearing ideas on how to be more creative with teaching VERY active boys at home!

  407. How to deal with family that is opposed to homeschooling…even Christian family members. My mother, who now lives on our property, thinks our (5) children are so isolated! She somehow is missing the fact that she is so blessed to have a family of 7 nearby to help her and love on her during the most difficult time in her life…she lost my father 2+ years ago and was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer just prior to his death. Our 2 oldest children (15 and 12) help her significantly on a daily basis which they would not be able to do if they were in school. It’s such a shame and really frustrating at times that people just don’t want to see the benefits, not to mention recognize that the Biblical mandate to train them up in the way that they should go is given to fathers and mothers.

  408. Fulfilling my role as keeper of the home, in my jobs as wife and mother….and how homeschooling many different aged children can be a part of that daily life.

  409. I would love to hear about homeschooling as a divorced parent. I have always homeschooled yet am struggling to find my place recently divorced in a Christian homeschooling environment. Mom of four daughters 2 are high school seniors this year.

  410. Good discipline and habits- for the kids and adults!

  411. I homeschool our 3 kids; ages 15, 13, and 7. I would like to hear encouragement and biblical scripture on bringing up your children in the word and then preparing them to leave the nest. I am not ready to walk down that path of them leaving.

  412. Jeanette Atkinson says

    I would like to know where to begin. To be honest, I feel comfortable with the academic portion. But I don’t know about state requirements, where to find them. I don’t even know enough to know what I need to know or where to begin.

  413. I’m really excited about this! Thank you for offering the Radio Network.

  414. I Never Heard Of This But The Travel In Homeschooling Looks Interesting And Also The Current World Issues In Application To Us Homeschoolers. Thanks For Introducing Me To Such A Unique Broadcast experince

  415. I work as a spiritual advisor, and from what I can see information on how to communicate is THE most important thing. Communication with the mind and heart of Christ, spiritual understanding with physical everyday tools.

  416. Kelly A. Greene says

    The Homeschool radio Network sounds like an interesting idea. I plan to make sure the other moms I know who home school know about it as well.

  417. Topics I’d love to hear: homeschooling in high school; after high school/college age; using unit/theme studies; using Charlotte Mason methods.

  418. I am so looking forward to this. I would love to hear some encouraging ideas for how to homeschool without losing my house under a pile of paper!

  419. I’d love to listen to homeschooling special needs children, thanks!

  420. I would love to hear about how not to get caught up in all that curriculum out there. How to deal with buying the wrong curriculum and maybe a list of the homeschool seller who are selling used curriculum for those who cannot afford this.

  421. I think I gain something from everything I hear. But would like to hear how some moms balance doing it all. Being a single parent of sorts, even though married.

  422. I would love to hear about balancing homeschooling special needs older kids with inquisitive 6 year olds and toddlers.

  423. I just heard about your organization and I am excited to learn more.

  424. Re: what topics I’d like to hear discussed on the network:

    Work/homeschool balance
    Strict schedules vs flexibility (pros and cons)
    How much time should we be spending on our studies?
    Dealing with ADD, and ideas for eliminating distractions
    Viable work-at-home options
    In-depth looks at different curriculum
    The how-tos of achievement testing

  425. Boy adventures and mom encouragement

  426. I enjoy learning about a variety of topics.

  427. How exciting is this! I’d love to hear more about how to get dad’s involved. How to stay organized and keep way to keep it Christ filled and fun!

  428. I would love to hear about time management and multi-aged teaching.

  429. I would be interested in hearing how we can follow the example of some of the old-time preachers and authors. C.S. Lewis, Charles Sprurgeon, Oswald Chambers. They had such depth…

  430. I would love to see thing on ideas on homeschooling your deaf child and if possible homeschooling your deaf, autistic child.

  431. So looking fwd to listening to everyone. Maybe how to cope with 2 children far apart in ages and how to combine their lessons. Also homeschooling with illness and/or death of a spouse/family member in the mix πŸ™
    I love Ultimate Homeschool Expo and believe this will be a success too.

  432. Homeschooling with littles around! I have an 8 year old, 3.5 year old & almost 2 year old.

  433. I’d love to hear some great strategies for homeschooling with toddlers in the house!

  434. How about something to keep you sane when your homeschool high schoolers think they know best?

  435. I would like to hear from families who are juggling homeschooling children and taking care of elderly parents.

  436. I would love to hear something on homeschooling multiple ages and how to homeschool with toddlers and preschoolers.

  437. I love broadcast on family life.

  438. Laura Tulak Martin says

    Being a Godly woman, wife, mom and homeschooling

  439. I’d love to hear multi-tasking ideas, organizational tips, and maybe an occasional update on homeschooling laws by state… I am really looking forward to this radio show!

  440. explaining different methods of homeschooling and how they can be approached from a Christian perspective.

  441. Homeschooling the reluctant student

  442. My husband and I were both home schooled, and are just beginning our family with a daughter (20 months) and another baby due any day. We like to say we’ve already started home schooling, since everyday provides many learning and discovering opportunities for our very social and interactive girl.

  443. I’d love to hear about how to homeschool with babies and toddlers in the house as well!

  444. I would love to hear about homeschooling multiple ages K-12. I struggle trying to give each one the time they need. I have some that struggle and so I tend to spend more time with them.

  445. I’m open to any topic but was curious about if homeschooling children do you have to follow common core standards?

  446. Working from home for both moms and children!

  447. I’d love to hear more about ideas on scheduling with multiple age children and fitting in new and fun curriculum like Legis robotics.

  448. I can’t wait for launch! Tips of getting and KEEPING Dad involved.

  449. I need practical encouragement to just keep plugging through the difficult days when no one wants to do schoolwork, the little one disrupts school, dinner time has come and nothing is prepared, or sickness has invaded the house and everyone is a grouch!

  450. How to homeschool multiple ages and have toddlers running around.

  451. Because of work schedules, a lot of dads not only find it difficult to be involved in their children’s homeschool education, but they may also miss many of the quality, helpful radio programs for the same reason. Could you provide some kind of resource for dads through an mp3 download that summarizes the week’s radio highlights, gives ideas for after-hours involvement in the education process, and suggests ways to encourage mom for the awesome job she does teaching the kids?

    • mediaangels says

      What a great idea – Ken! Want the job πŸ™‚
      Seriously, we will have an email that goes out weekly with all the upcoming shows and topics. Be looking for that. I think your idea is a good idea, but not something we have in the works at this time.

  452. I second the post above. I have 1 in college, but still living at home, a 12th,7th, and 4th grader. Needing to do spelling and college prep. Yikes. Could use some advice. Thanks.

  453. Love to hear honest accounts of struggles parents have with kids homeschooling..and how they resolved it. From not having one kid take all the attention to engaging them in the subjects they struggle with. There is so many activities out there for younger kids in homeschool groups.I wish there was more for older kids and that it was more affordable to travel and do exciting activities in my area. Is there a search website where you could put in your activity and where you were and distance you could travel and what you could afford? Are there scholarships or help for families that want to send or go on mission trips with their families but have a hard time pulling it off on there own?

    • mediaangels says

      Hi Rachel – thanks for your feedback – there are many shows that will address your needs. Be sure to sign up to receive the schedule weekly. I pray that we are able to answer your questions. Also, do you have Facebook? If so, join our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network on Facebook, and you can ask some of these questions and hopefully as a group we can help you!

  454. Would like to Know how you can Find balance when you have multiple special needs children. πŸ™‚

  455. Looking forward to your blog. This is my first time here and WOW lots of great information!! Thankyou!

  456. Teaching Science and Math for middle and high school. I only had Geometry and Biology, so math harder than that and Chemistry/Physics scare me.

  457. Keeping perspective and creating an orderly home

  458. I would love to hear inspiration involving Biblical training/discipline, developing worldview thinking in our kids, how to include extracurricular activities without taking it to the extreme, simpler living and making my home healthier too.

  459. I’m excited about this! I just need to get my sister to help me figure out how to listen! I’m somewhat technologically challenged. πŸ˜‰

    Lots of great ideas already mentioned! Here’s one I’d be especially interested to hear more about: the classical Christian homeschool. I also second the idea of homeschooling when mom has a chronic illness and days of needing lots of rest. Stories from moms who’ve been there and how they made it through would be so encouraging. Again, I’m very excited and can’t wait to listen in! God bless you all.

  460. Well, to be honest, this is the 1st I have heard of you, so I cannot truly say what I would like to hear more of! LOL! I will be checking out your site though to see what you have to offer!

  461. I would like to hear articles on virtues for toddlers

  462. Encouragement for real life…relevant to homeschooling that happens to most moms/families as others may think they are the only one something is going on with..etc..how we are all the same and need encouragement.

  463. 1. Starting highschool right.

  464. Tiffany Knarr says

    Encouragement that we HSing mama’s are doing a great job. I feel overwhelmed at times & don’t think I’m doing what’s best for my kids.

  465. Topics for single parents and a tight budget!

  466. I would love to hear topics for mothers wanting to homeschool. My boys are 2 and 6 months so we are a little ways away…or are we….when could we start preschool activities and what sorts of curriculum or guidance is there out there!? Thank you for the opportunity as well.

    • Hi, Lacey, right there with you. Since I’m still pregnant with our second and our daughter is two, I decided this year to start reading up on things and begin to train myself to homeschool. I started by going to our library and checking out everything about homeschooling and preschool. Though there are a lot of great ideas out there, I was actually surprised to find that what our little one knows now is ahead of where she’s “supposed” to be and that a lot of the suggestions for what to do with a preschooler (and even kindergartener) are things I just naturally do with her. I’m sure everyone will have a different experience, but I know it was encouraging to me to find that out! So fun to feel competent! And then the books also gave me some ideas about where my blind spots are – the things we do not do because it’s not my strong point or I get busy, etc. Because she’s so young still, there’s no guilt (okay, less guilt) and I know I have plenty of time to work on those things without worrying about scheduling it in. Reading up on the different homeschooling philosophies and trying to decide what my natural bent lies and what will work for our family in the upcoming years also gave me some tools to start thinking about things. Knowing myself, I’d love to create all the curriculum from scratch, but seriously, where am I going to find the time to actually use it? And do I really think we’ll magically start being able to go on field trips once a week when we haven’t made it to the park that often? It sounds like you’re in the right place!

      • mediaangels says

        Hi Sabrina – and Lacey above in the comments — you’ll find lots of great advice on Vintage Homeschool Moms – wisdom and mentoring from mommas who have homeschooled over the years – some, like myself are still at it and others who are graduated moms. Please join us as you are able, or listen in the archives.

  467. I would enjoy hearing about creative writing activities and curricula for the middle and high school levels.

  468. Seems like there is more of a need nowadays, or maybe a want, to renew and restore our faith and to give our children a foundation of faith. God seems to be using lots of people to get these types of messages across, I just pray we listen and learn.

  469. I would love to hear about helping the struggling reader, growing boys into Godly men and encouraging the writer.

  470. I would love to hear about how to homeschool with God’s grace.

  471. This has been such a help and I am so thankful that I was directed to this through the homeschooling PAC group!!!

  472. I’d love to hear more about how to get everything accomplished that you need to when you have a slower learner.

  473. I would love to hear other Moms talking about how they avoid burnout. Blessings in this new venture, Felice!

  474. I would love to hear about unschooling, I think that “which curriculum” is too often the question rather than “what is my family’s educational philosophy”.

    • mediaangels says

      We don’t have a show for unschooling in particular – but possibly in the future. πŸ™‚ I am an eclectic homeschool mom – we don’t use set text/workbooks – that’s not how my children learn best.

  475. How to get it all done (ha!): keep the 2yo alive, educate all six children, not let the house fall down around us, and feed the entire family.

  476. I love to see American history from a Christian perspective.

  477. Homeschooling high school and time management.

  478. Valerie Maples says

    I would love to hear more about homeschooling children with physical disabilities.

  479. How to be a good homeschool grandma. And what to do with your life after you’ve graduated all your children from homeschool.

  480. I would like to hear about missionaries homeschooling overseas and how they keep their faith grounded in themselves and their children while accomplishing the tasks (homeschooling and spreading the Gospel, etc) that God has given them.

  481. How to explain to family members that you want to homeschool. In other words, how do I explain that I am not trying to deprive them of a “normal childhood”. My family seems to think that my decisions with parenting will not allow my kids to have a normal childhood.

    • mediaangels says

      I just covered this topic in my Homeschool Lifestyle yesterday, at my weekly show – go to the Vintage Homeschool Moms show and print out the handouts as well. It will help you have an idea of why you homeschool and how to answer naysayers. My children have always been homeschooled – graduated with honors, and now one of my children is homeschooling her children (she also graduated in 3 years with honors!). They are perfectly “normal” and happy!! They were able to explore their passions, knew their teacher loved them, were encouraged in their work, and enjoyed being together as a family. We are still very close.

  482. Keeping your marriage first and on fire when you are homeschooling all day…

  483. I am always interested in homeschool help! I would love to hear about time management, organization, and homeschooling in high school.

  484. I need help engaging a math hater!

  485. Wow~~ This is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to be the audience!! God bless you!!

  486. sonja arevalo says

    i could really use the iPad mini for my homeschool!

  487. Ways that dads can be more involved/updated in a non-pressure way πŸ™‚ and homeschooling older kids with preschoolers being born. πŸ™‚

  488. Will be excited to hear encouragement on many fronts. Homeschooling 13+ years..4 out of 5 students to go …still love to hear more about scheduling , large family logistics, and healthy cooking for so many on a slim budget, too.

  489. I am currently being home-schooled and I would love to hear some about how to keep deadlines better, since procrastinating is very easy to slip into.

  490. How to have patience (and not get discouraged) when your kids don’t seem to ‘get’ what you think they should be learning (like times tables (11 yos) or reading (8yod).)

  491. Being home-schooled, I would like to hear ideas on how to stay focused when working on one thing for a long period of time.

  492. Jennifer V. says

    Realistic time management and organization.

  493. Homeschooling with young children in tow, and managing home, ministry, etc.

  494. I would love to hear anything that can help me homeschool through HS. That is my biggest concern and fear right now. πŸ™‚

  495. Homeschooling high school without a college focus. How to prepare your children for a successful future when they are not interested in or able to attend college.

  496. I would like to hear subjects dealing with teenagers.

  497. Favorite curriculums, how to schedule your day, managing your home and finances.

  498. I would like to hear about ideas on homeschooling in the early elementary years with toddlers (who just want to climb up and sit on the table in front of their sibling who is trying to do work while the said toddler is drawing all over there papers and books….) πŸ™‚ It happens in the blink of an eye, while I’m right there! We do a mini tot-school set of workboxes, but nothing is quite as interesting as getting at the older sibling’s stuff.

  499. I would love how to balance discipleship with accomplishing all the schoolwork and training.

    • Darcy, Homeschooling In Real Life will address this very issue on multiple podcasts. How do we disciple, teach and do life and not get burned out, because we don’t look like everyone else!

  500. Loretta Loughlin says

    I am excited about ideas to help me incorporate Faith into our day to day lessons.

  501. Ready for this? I’m just going to lay it all out there, okay? Because I *really* need some help. I have 5 children on earth. Oldest has flown the nest but is planning (not very well) her wedding in the middle of the country while the rest of us are on the coast. I’m trying to save money for that but not getting anywhere. She’s also waffling between wanting to please her future MIL by getting married there and wanting to fulfill her dream of getting married in Tahoe. We don’t have any financial support to offer so I’m not sure how that would work out.

    My next child is supposed to be a sophomore but is still working on her first year of high school work because my husband bought her curriculum in the middle of last year. She also struggles greatly with math and is very behind with that too. She has ADHD (undiagnosed) and it takes her all day to work on her school work and most days she still does not get it done.

    9 year old son has language delays and many autistic-like qualities. He resists school or just doesn’t pay attention most days. I don’t know how to explain things to him so he can understand.

    Next child is doing okay but talks a lot. Whenever she’s around school usually takes much longer because she has to ask how, why, what, where, who questions about every 2 minutes.

    Then there’s the 1 year old who, of course, is into eating, shredding and scattering everything.

    I have to take my son to speech therapy twice a week in the mornings. We tried for years to schedule his therapy in the afternoons but he becomes extremely uncooperative and doesn’t benefit from it so we have to do mornings. I believe I’m also dealing with depression. How do I keep going? I’ve nearly given up on homeschooling so many times in the last four years. We had to move back near our family because of the economy and when my husband finally found work here he had to take a very large pay cut. We struggle to buy curriculum, many times getting it a year or two after it’s needed, yet I’m expected to have these kids college prepped. There’s a lot more pressure to perform now that we’ve moved back near family. The environment is different here too. I don’t have the church or homeschooling support I once had. I don’t know what to do.

    • mediaangels says

      Julie – may the Lord bless you in your “yes” to Him to homeschool! I’m sure He will provide, just not in the way we expect it. I will keep your family in my prayers! Please listen to these podcasts for free and use these as part of school – the Current Issues & the Constitution class is very good for high school students. If you have access to the internet there are many things you can enjoy without costs. Thanks for sharing your heart and hope you come back often.

  502. Cynthia Short says

    Homeschooling a high school student with special needs.

  503. Jacqueline says

    what an awesome site thank you

  504. I would love to hear about homeschooling multiple levels, with babies in the mix, time management, and being the Godly example (virtuous woman) that we moms should be amongst all the chaos.

  505. Lori Marple says

    Keeping our middle /high schoolers focused on God in such an ungodly world.

  506. Bible lessons would be a good topic.

  507. I would love to hear about time management, dealing with a learning disability (possibly dyslexia, still not sure) and getting the quality intervention needed (especially since I’m told we need to send him to public school to get access to the therapists (gotta love Ohio)!

  508. I would love to hear more about how to teach multiple children well to prepare them for facing the world and to prepare them for college. How to balance it all.

  509. Joy Jurries says

    After 22 years of homeschooling and graduating 7 children, I have one student – a 9 year old boy. Teaching just one is an unexpected challenge!

  510. Time Management.

  511. Ashleigh Smih says

    Would like to hear about sticking with it when the going gets hard.

  512. Homeschooling an only child. Homeschooling boys. Balancing academics, homekeeping, and outside actives (Hmmmm! That probably all fits under time management. lol).

  513. How to transition from public to homeschooling!

  514. Sarah Brown says

    Thanks so much for sharing about Christ.

  515. Denise Donaldson says


  516. From what I know of the upcoming hosts, I think all I could hope for will be covered. I homeschool 6 children from 3-12 and of course cook, clean and try to do the most with the least — and hope my husband doesn’t realize he is getting “leftovers” — from the meals we eat to the time we spend together. You know, daily normal stuff. Looking forward to encouragement and ideas.

  517. Christine T. says

    I’d love to hear about homeschooling middleschool & high school kids with special needs. this is a tough challenge with their hormones going crazy & mood swings, on top of trying to teach/parent my 2 girls right now.

  518. I would love to hear about homeschooling the pre-school and kindergarten ages.

  519. hEATHER BRANDT says

    I’d like a post on how to decide which if any extracuricular to do as a family.

  520. I would love to hear about practical ways to keep it all running and balanced (life, homeschooling, activities, devotions, etc. Also homeschooling multiple children and encouragement for mom.

  521. Information on how to homeschool a kindergartner when there are also younger kids in the family. Ideas for what to do with the other kids and time management information for a busy family.

  522. Suellen DeLaughter says

    I would love to hear more about preparing your child for college and all of the testing opportunities.

  523. Christie K says

    Time Management!!

  524. I would love to hear tips for introverted homeschool moms! I love my kids, but being around them all. day. long. can be very draining for an introvert who craves periods of quiet, stillness, and solitude to recharge.

  525. Anything about dealing with a day full of stress and keeping the littles busy while schooling the older kids.

  526. Sara Clouse says

    Love it!

  527. Need advice about homeschooling a newly adopted child from another country who’s first language is not English.

  528. Making Homeschooling One, fun!

  529. How dads can bless homeschooling moms. I know he understands I work hard, but I’m not sure he understands how some of his questions come off as evaluative of me to the kids. At the same time, how can I better support his efforts to have an honest, supportive relationship with the kids? We just started homeschooling, and our primary reason for doing this was to build up our relationships as a family, so you see that my priority is to put our family and building each other up first. I figure Kingdom first . . .

  530. Teaching on books of the Bible!

  531. All of your guests sound wonderful, but Family Renewal is at the top of my list.

  532. Michelle Kinsley says

    I would like to listen to uplifting subjects that remind us that no matter how bad the news on tv is, there is good in the world.

  533. Tracking grades and credits. Dual credit courses. High school preparing for college, etc.

  534. Great ideas!

  535. Homeschooling through Highschool. Planning for High School, dual enrollment, planning for college etc.

  536. Marissa W. says

    I would love to hear topics on eclectic schooling, hands-on high school, and schooling many from 10th grade to kindergarten.

  537. I would like to hear about what to do when you are worn out and worn thin. Also, how to juggle homeschooling and being a wife.

    • mediaangels says

      Great topic, Jessica – we will be covering this on Vintage Moms this upcoming week – first week of the month with Meredith Curtis.

  538. Crystal Nichols says

    I agree with the topic of helping our children who have special needs, but in addition it is educating my daughter who has special needs and then my son who is very gifted. I have tried to do certain topics together with them, like history and science, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  539. As many have already mentioned, I would love to hear about all things High School and teen. My boys are 7th grade and 9th grade this year and we’ve got the core down. Ideas/shows on electives, science, foreign language would be wonderful, as well as motivating teens and time management. Looking forward to tuning in!

  540. Parenting in a Christian Home! Please πŸ™‚

  541. Parenting in a Christian Home, please πŸ™‚ !

  542. I’d love to hear shows on homeschooling preschoolers/pre-K. How to establish great schedules, inspiration and what resources are available.

  543. Time management skills.

  544. Looking for ways to train my children in the ways they are bent. Need wisdom from experienced mothers/fathers in learning how to nurture my kids’ qualities and redirecting the shortcomings.

  545. I would like to hear more on how others homeschool.

  546. Dodee Ledbetter says

    he Homeschool radio Network sounds like an interesting idea. I plan to make sure the other moms I know who home school know about it as well.

  547. focusing on character more than curriculum

  548. About homeschooling a child with dyslexia, organization, time management, faith based curriculum

  549. Would love to learn more about the middle school years. We are reaching that very soon here

  550. I’d love to hear about how to learn how to homeschool my preschooler, as well as having a perspective on how to involve the “other” parent in homeschooling, especially when they are working or a full time student.

  551. Julie Knight says

    So looking forward to hear new topics each week. Enjoyed Woody Wilson’s talk this week on the political situation. Homeschooling in the midst of chronic illness seems to be our family’s life. Inspiring pre-teen boys (help Melanie Wilson) and making sure their moodiness does not overtake all our lives. Possibly preparing for life that may get even harder in the next few years!

  552. Susan Alexander says

    How to juggle it all – babies/young kids, playdates/outings, keeping house, cooking good meals, and homeschooling of course! I’m having trouble with the balance…

  553. I’d be interested in hearing about parents who follow a project based homeschooling approach.

  554. I would like more information on large family homeschooling tips πŸ™‚

  555. I’d love to hear encouragement for we veteran homeschoolers who have been doing this for a long time!

  556. I’m definitely going to pass along the brilliant idea of the Homeschool Radio Network to my homeschooling mommy friends!

  557. Faith,family, and homeschooli. Schooling method and learning styles.


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