Uncovering 21st Century Health Blocks: A Holistic Approach with Homeopathy – Barbara Lowry, DSH, CCH (Part 3)

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Uncovering 21st Century Health Blocks: A Holistic Approach with Homeopathy - Barbara Lowry, DSH, CCH (Part 3)In this episode of Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer and Barbara Lowry continue their discussion on the challenges of identifying and treating health blocks in the modern world. They delve into the effects of allopathic drug suppression, recreational drug side effects, and hormonal disruptors on the body. Barbara provides a case study and discusses the importance of detoxing from heavy metals and environmental chemicals. The episode emphasizes the significance of understanding these health issues and using homeopathy to address the underlying causes, offering practical advice and resources for natural health solutions.

Barbara recounted a compelling case study of a woman in her 30s, grappling with anxiety, a history of birth control pill usage, and past recreational drug use, including pot, cocaine, and ecstasy. This case perfectly illustrated the complex layers of health issues that many face today.

We also discussed the hormonal and endocrine system disruptors that are rampant in our environment. Barbara stressed the importance of understanding the endocrine system’s intricacies and the homeopathic counterparts of various hormones.


Uncovering Blocks to Health (00:01:26)
Long-Term Effects of Recreational Drugs (00:01:58)
Homeopathic Detox Therapy (00:03:50)
Hormonal and Endocrine Disruptors (00:06:51)
Heavy Metals and Detoxification (00:11:31)
Environmental Chemicals and Detoxification (00:17:01)
Ortho Molecular Remedies and Detox Pathways (00:23:24)
Complexity of Homeopathic Treatment (00:24:22)
Detrimental Effects of Birth Control Pills (00:25:44)
Saliva Test for Hormone Levels (00:27:55)


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