Using digital timelines to study history

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Using Digital Timelines to Study History

116: Using digital timelines to study history

Digital Timelines are a great way to help students see the flow of history in a visual way.

Here are some ways to incorporate them into any history curriculum

1. Include Interactive Timelines of the periods you are studying

2. Get students to create digital timelines. These 4 timeline creator tools are easy to use and free

Canva – Find the Canva timeline templates here
Google Slides – use the “insert diagram” function
Padlet – this post explains how to use Padlet for timelines
Prezi – Find the Prezi timeline templates here

3. Play Online Timeline Games – this game is for American or World History

4. Create Online Timeline games – Classtools has a game that is easy to create. Here is a post that explains what to do.

Show Sponsor Fundafunda Academy uses digital timelines in the World War 2 Year by Year web-based unit study as well as in their online US History class for high school

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Using Digital Timelines to Study History

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