Using Google MyMaps for Techie Projects

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Using Google MyMaps For Techie Projects

Episode 28: Using Google MyMaps for Techie Projects

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Google MyMaps allows you to customize a Google map. Start by going there and clicking on ‘Explore’. Here are 3 public maps you can view to give you an idea of the possibilities.

How to use Google MyMaps

Start by clicking on ‘Create a New Map’.

You can choose your base map – a typical map, one that shows the terrain, satellite, etc. Add a title and description for each pin. You can select a style for your pins – they can be different colors and icons. You can include photos and videos in the description. Layers allow you to differentiate between a set of pins ie different students working collaboratively could each be assigned a different layer so you can see who does what. You can select whether to view all layers simultaneously or isolate just one.

Ideas for projects using Google MyMaps

Ditch that Textbook has an excellent blog post with great ideas. Here are some you can use with your children:

  1. Each child pitches their ideas for a road trip
  2. Literature – plot locations of main scenes
  3. Create a map using different layers to show where politicians have visited
  4. History – plot battlefields over a few hundred years in an area with each war being a different layer
  5. Use different color or style pins to show cities of different sizes
  6. Science – show areas of different vegetation or animal life or soil types

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