Using Tech for Summer Learning

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Using Tech for Summer Learning

184: Using Tech for Summer Learning

While you might be wishing your children stayed off teach this vacation, let me share some ideas for using tech for summer learning that might change your mind.

Using tech on vacation / staycation

1. Clio – shows historical sites near your locations
2. Geocaching – listen to episode 38: Geocaching: Technology meets nature
3. Scavenger Hunt apps – Let’s Roam is a good one. Also listen to episode 41: Explore cities with digital scavenger hunts

Educational Fun when outside play isn’t possible

1. Games that require communication eg Overcooked
2. Games that teach coding or other skills – Daisy the Dinosaur, LightBot, Game Builder Garage, Human Resource Machin etc
3. Games that get everyone moving – Wii – Just Dance, Wii Sports
4. Games that have educational content eg Civilization and Age of Empires. Listen to episode 56: Learning history through video games
5. Critical Thinking – games like Myst and Nancy Drew PC games

Learning new hobbies /deep dives into topics

1. Youtube tutorials – listen to the episode 157: Technology and Handicrafts
2. Web-based unit studies -take a look at those offered by show sponsor FundaFunda
3. Learning tech – many previous podcast episodes cover free tools to use for video, art, writing, coding etc. Taake a look at show sponsor FundaFunda Academy’s 5-week coding classes

Don’t forget to sign up your homeschooled high schoolers for sponsor FundaFunda’s annual summer High School Challenge for homeschoolers in rising 9th – 12th grade. This contest gamifies the learning and offers gift card rewards – as well as an overall cash prize.

Take a look at show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy to see what they offer for online classes and web-based unit studies.

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Using Tech for Summer Learning

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