Using Tech to Enjoy Nature

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Using Tech to Enjoy Nature

132: Using Tech to Enjoy Nature

This episode shares resources on using tech to enjoy nature. Technology doesn’t need to take us away from nature but can be used to enhance our enjoyment of nature.

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  • Geocaching is basically an outdoor treasure hunt for all ages
  • Google lens is a great way to identify things you encounter in nature

Apps mentioned in this episode

  • Alltrails
  • Smart Bird ID
  • Merlin Bird ID from Cornell
  • Audubon Bird Guide
  • Skymap
  • iNaturalist
  • iNaturalist Seek

Website mentioned in this episode

Project Noah gets everyone involved in identifying things they see in nature and you become a contributor to science!

Class that combines art and nature

Show sponsor FundaFunda Academy offers a unique online Nature Journaling class for 7th – 12th graders.


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Using Tech to Enjoy Nature

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