Using technology to study history

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Using Technology to Study History

Episode 35: Using technology to study history with Vicki Tillman


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My guest today is Vicki Tillman. She is a fellow podshow host and you can listen to her on The Homeschool Highschool Podcast. She develops curriculum and is a homeschool coach at 7 Sisters Homeschool.

Techie Ways to learn about History

  • Watch History Movies. Movies help students to get immersed in the period. Look for lists of movies to learn about history.
  • Watch Short Videos. Find good short videos on the History Channel and on Youtube.
  • Play Online History Games. Listen to our episode on Free Online History Games.

Techie Ways to Check for Mastery of History Topics

  • Create History Videos. Students can use their phones to make either a documentary or to write a script based on research and act it out. Students watch each other’s videos so they learn from each other too.
  • Illustrate a video story or song or poem or document about a historic time period. See what Vicki’s son Ezra has done on his Youtube channel

Be sure to take a look at FundaFunda Academy’s online US History class. This class uses all the methods mentioned in this episode – and more – to study history!

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