Valentine’s Day On The Cheap – Special Replay

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Are you ready to celebrate Valentine's day on the cheap, with very little money? If that is the case this is the right place to be...Valentine’s Day on the Cheap – Special Replay

Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s day on the cheap, with very little money? In this episode, I will share some great ideas to make the day special for your own Valentine’s Day party for your immediate family or the gang! And there are even ideas for your spouse and for your kids and ways to cut those corner into hearts! Everyone will smile.

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For some reason, Valentine’s Day was never my favorite holiday because I didn’t date as a student and didn’t see the examples of the “day” on the “day” at home. My parents told me it was a made-up holiday – yeah, they were realists, and I didn’t see my dad give mom flowers although I did know they were deeply in love because they were inseparable. We kids changed all that when we got older and ordered flowers for my mom all the time, in my dad’s name. Gladly he thought it was great and funny.  She never knew!

Fast forward to my own experiences with my boyfriend, now my husband and a balloon incident I share on the podcast (listen to hear this funny and embarrassing story!) And, I was hooked!

Valentine’s Day can be so expensive. Flowers — well, where do we begin? So here is my list of those wonderful shortcuts to a great celebration.

Kids: Valentine’s Day On The Cheap

  1. Heart cookies. What can be better than heart cookies decorated with sugar crystals or icing? I have a great recipe attached to this podcast. Print it out and enjoy!
  2. Bookmarks with glued, cut-out red and pink hearts of assorted shapes and sizes. Purchase a ream of white (at the office supply stores) of 110lb weight. To give you an idea, copy paper is about 20lb weight. You can cut the cardstock in 6 strips, punch a hole for a ribbon. Write the person’s name on the other side with a Bible verse. So much cheaper and prettier than store bought Valentines.
  3. Hot cocoa mix. The kids love to make this, I promise, and all you need is sugar and cocoa. No additives. Put it in a container and use it for special occasions.
  4. Breakfast: heart-shaped toast – cut off the out ends after you toast the bread, it’s easier! Or try heart-shaped pancakes. Invest in griddle shapes and bring them out for special occasions. One thing I’ve done in the past it put your batter in squeeze bottles and do the outline of the heart free hand and fill it in with batter with a ladle -yes, it works.
  5. Lunch: Heart shaped sandwiches (save edges for croutons or for dinner recipe – see below). Stone soup. Okay, no hearts included but it is a fun cold-weather book to read and then have all the ingredients to make it and the kids can take turns bringing and adding the ingredients for the “best” stone soup ever!
  6. Dinner – great ideas include heart-shaped meatloaf (individual) or burgers. Use a cookie heart to shape if needed.
  7. Cookies for dessert and/or a cake. Heart shaped cakes are easy to make you can use a round cake and a square. Here are some great Pinterest Boards with ideas:
    1. Gorgeous Heart Cakes 
    2. How to Make a Heart Cake

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Adults: Valentine’s Day On The Cheap

For Him and Her

  1. Flowers, plan a garden. That is what my husband did for me when I stopped his expensive and last minute gift idea, a big bunch of expensive flowers delivered! One look at my credit card bill and that was it! So, he purchased rose bushes for mothers day, my birthday and soon I had a ready-made rose garden! I’m no green thumb so he tended to it and that made it even more special. The kids loved to pick me roses!
  2. Time to do a hobby. If your husband likes to play the guitar give him access with some kid-free time, or does he like to putter in the garage? Again, another great gift. You can give him strips with all his favorite things to select from. Start with five! He will love this gift, I promise.
  3. Spend time. My husband loves me to spend time with him. What is your spouse’s love language? Take this quiz together and find out! Quiz for 5 Love Languages here.
  4. Dress up – that goes for both of you. No sloppy shirt and hair in a messy bun. Dress up, wear nice – going to church clothes. Yes, I mean it!
  5. No devices. Today is media free day! Games with the kids, popcorn, and just time to say, “I love you.”


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